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  1. Hound dog

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    You know what? The economy hoovers, regardless of the lowered gas prices. :faint:

    I belong to both Freecycle and the newer group Cheapcycle thru yahoo. I've never seen so much activity on either of them! DHL in a town nearby is shutting down and laying everyone off. Thousands have already lost their jobs, and more to get axed. Nichole's boyfriend only has about a week or so to go himself.

    I watch freecycle incase I can help someone. I mean, I have a whole garage sale sitting in my rec room I'd be willing to part with if someone needs it. lol

    But man! You can see the effect of 2 major factories and DHL closing down in this area alone. Cheapcycle you know who's having it rough because we have 3 families piece mailing their luxury items out for dirt cheap one by one. Weeks and weeks this has been going on. Freecycle has families trying to clothe their kids, hopefully get something for them for xmas....and one poor pregnant mother of 4 who got put on bedrest and now her kids are going hungry because all our county services are overwhelmed. She asked if people would please look in their cubboards and see if they have anything to spare because she can't stand to see her kids go hungry. Little kids. Husband is working hard but making too much for foodstamps. On and on. Some have gotten creative and are offering gift wrapping in your home for cheap, baking for holidays for cheap, ect. :(

    So sad to see when I open my email. But I read all the Freecycle ones because there may be a person I can help. Like one lady had lost her job, but has just landed a new one (guess she's one of the lucky ones) but she needs scrubs and doesn't have any money to buy any. I'm going to ask if easy child had any of hers left over for the woman.

    Hard to see so many hurting. Most especially at this time of year I guess. I know it's not just here. I'm going to ask mother in law if she'd like the gift wrapper checked out for her, gift wrapping is such a chore for her.

    Anyone else seeing this?
  2. ThreeShadows

    ThreeShadows Quid me anxia?

    Things are even worse in the EEC. My half sister lives in Belgium. She tells me that there are no jobs to be found. Any funds she has go to buying food, everything else is on hold. She is looking at coming to the States (dual citizenship), she thinks getting $15.00/hr flipping burgers at MCD's in Montana is a huge amount of money! This really is a global mess!

    I would like to see if board members living abroad are willing to discuss how all of this has affected social services in their respective countries.
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    It really does hoover big time! I live in a tiny little town that had one big auto industry related factory where half the town worked. It has been laying off people for a while and now it finally closed down for good - sitting empty. All those jobs are gone - transferred to a factory in Mexico! And now, our little rural county has the highest unemployment rate in the state - over 17%! Hey, we're finally first in something!

    It's really helped that the price of gas has gone down so much. But I don't understand why the price of groceries is still so high! Supposedly the higher gas prices was what caused groceries to go up so much and people can still hardly afford to feed their families - makes no sense to me.
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    I don't get out much so I can't really tell you firsthand experience. I'm already so poor that the economy doesn't hurt me.

    However, Devon works for Kroger and he was always scheduled for 6 days a week and they often called him in on his day off. Last week he worked 4 days; this week he's scheduled for 3. It's happening to all of their part time staff. They say they don't have the business.

    Devon did say something interesting: he said that as a cashier, he is seeing less people using food stamps. Now I know it's not because there is a decrease in people on food stamps; in fact, it's the opposite. But, Kroger is the most expensive place to shop for groceries around here and I think they are just shopping at Super Walmart or Meijers to get more bang for their buck. Those two stores are about 20 minutes away and are always packed which makes shopping there a hassle, but now that gas prices have come down and food prices have gone up, plus more people losing jobs, they're being smarter how they shop.
  5. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Travis is working more than ever. Our krogers is having mega one day sales. (not sure if it's nationwide or not) Suits him as he needs the money for xmas. I hit krogers sales and then do the rest of my shopping across the street at walmart. lol Unless easy child and I are planning a trip to aldi's.

    Oh.....and Travis had this sweet very elderly woman hand him an xmas card this evening. Turns out she painted the image of Christ on the front of the card when she was in her 20's way back in 1913!!! Awesome. Her daughter had used the computer to do it for her because she didn't have the money for xmas cards this year. And it's a wonderful painting.

    Oh, and we finally have Toys for Tots here. Never have had before. I guess our skyrocketing and climbing poverty rate finally attracted them to the area. Which reminds me I have to pick up a couple of toys to put in the bin because I did that even when husband and I were dirt poor ourselves. One for each of my kids.

    And yeah, I'd like to know why food prices aren't going down too! The excuse was the gas.....but that's no longer an issue and they're still sky high. grr
  6. susiestar

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    There are more Angel Tree kids than I have ever seen before. the workers at one in a mall in the city said they are going to have to add 2 entire trees to hold all the cards IF they all get fulfilled.

  7. donna723

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    I'm praying that my son keeps his job because there sure aren't many others around here right now! He works at a place that makes huge steel beams used in the construction of big commercial buildings. They have two shifts, 6 am/6 pm and 6 pm/6 am. He's been there two years and works nights because he makes $1 an hour more. Now there's talk about doing away with the night shift, cutting the number of employees in half! But what they've heard is that they're not going by seniority, they're keeping the ones whose production is the highest, and that includes him! The rest will be laid off. If it goes the way they say it will, he'll lose $1 an hour but he'll still have a job.
  8. crazymama30

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    I am already so low on the economic scale that I don't really notice it. I work in a hospital, and I have not really noticed a difference in my hours. I did get called off 4hrs early on Sunday, as well as 3 other of the CNA's, so that may somehow be tied to the economy as there may have been a decline in elective surgeries, as those are paid for out of pocket. People will always get sick, need their appendix out or gall bladder out. I am very grateful to have some degree of job security, even if it is at the misfortune of others. :sick:

    I buy groceries on sale or at Costco, I do not buy meat unless it is less than $2 a pound. Except hamburger. I buy family packs and repackage when I get home. Bought Christmas presents the day after thanksgiving. These are things I always do.
  9. Star*

    Star* call 911

    I think.......despite the state of affairs......this is a good thing in a way -

    A LOT of people have looked down their noses for years at second hand stuff and I raised Dude on it. He's a very humble kid.

    But isn't THIS what it's supposed to have been about ALL ALONG?

    People who have surplus helping those that dont?

    Not the lazy, do nothings that sit day in and day out collecting welfare, and doing drugs and NEVER looking to better themselves....but the ones who have BEEN trying?

    I keep going through my stuff in the shed and selling it or offering it to someone in need. I've done this most of my life..but think it is so very cool to see MORE AND MORE people getting involved in sharing and helping each other out.

    It's gonna be a bumpy ride - we had better get used to helping each other out. And GOOD FOR YOU DAISY - You're heart is 10 sizes too big!
  10. everywoman

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    Here in my small town besides the hopsital and school system, the major (money) employers are a steel mill and paper mill. Both are having layoffs and shutdowns. Thousands out of work. It's not a pretty picture in a town where the majority of jobs are in the tourist industry. Who's going to travel on vacation when they can't put food on the table.
  11. Star*

    Star* call 911

    The drive up the Grand Strand tells it all........ghost town
  12. skeeter

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    Lisa - as you know, I live a few counties over from you.

    The county if facing some horrible short falls. JFS has let go of many people already, and will be cutting more. Just when they are needed more than ever. Upwards of 1000 county employees will likely be loosing their jobs, including deputies. We'll be closing a jail - where we don't have room now, we'll have 800 less jail spaces soon. Saturday the roads were barely treated with salt during the snow.

    Even that blue chip company in town that I work for is cutting employees. After just selling off (along with all the employees) one of their entire product lines.

    It is going to be horrible next year.
  13. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful


    You're right. People who have grown wasteful and greedy are getting serious attitude adjustments, and that is a good thing. Overall, we've become very spoiled.

    Not me. lol I grew up dirt poor and have never been much better during my married life. Second hand is what clothed my kids. lol And I've always done what I can for another person in need, even if it isn't much. I was raised that way. I'll say that I'm releaved that easy child has taken lessons she learned growing up to heart. Because she was such a spend thrift there for a few years I was really worried about her. Now though, she's tightening the belt just the way I taught her. She and sister in law will be ok. :)

    Skeeter....oh, my. That's awful. I've heard there are nearby counties also shutting down factories that are important in their communities.......large factories, too. I can say, no one around here is sticking their noses up at jobs at fast food places anymore. And easy child took me to lunch sunday.......the waitress had such an attitude problem. easy child refused to leave her a tip. Said that too many people out there nowdays would be thrilled to have that job for the waitress to act that way. (and easy child is big on tipping)

    Our food pantries are empty, even the church ones. Our county services are used up. And yeah.....when it snowed just recently there was no salt put out even though it was slick as heck on the roads. Second hand stores are a booming business here now.
  14. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    It is a very scary thing going on right now. husband's job has been going down hill for a few years now so we have been trying to be prepared, but this is making it go even faster!!!
    We are pretty scared but trying to remain positive. I grew up welfare and have had to struggle most of my life. husband has had and has not. So he knows how to get by.

    It is his family that we are trying to get the point across to! Spend less,save etc...

    We have donated for years now. I started donated and volunteering in High School. Even when I was on Food Stamps in my 20's I still gave what I could, even if it was clothes that I couldn't use anymore...
    I am gathering backpacks for needy school kids with clothes and books in them this week...
    We can never do or give too much...
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  15. Lothlorien

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    husband's business always slows this time of year. However, we'll find out how badly we will be effected in the beginning of the year, when all the business that owe them money file for bankruptcy. I'm not looking forward to next year.
  16. goldenguru

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    Well I live in Michigan, which currently holds the dubious distinction of the worst unemployment rate in the nation. There are areas here that actually resemble ghost towns. I can't imagine what will happen if the government chooses not to provide the bail out package for the automotive industry. Currently, it is the only industry (barely) keeping our state from certain death.

    On a personal note, my brother in law & sister in law are currently homeless. They were living in a 15 foot camper - heating it with- an electric space heater. A serious fire hazard to say the least. We had a small office space empty - and we encouraged them to move in there. They at least have a flush toilet and small sink. They were so thankful. I was so humbled.

    I have to wonder how many families will end up like brother in law & sister in law. Losing their home to foreclosure. Unable to find work. Homeless.

    God help us all.