Steam Vacs?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Lothlorien, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. Lothlorien

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    I know we've discussed vacuums here before. Got my Electrolux last year and other than the fact that the bags are too small, it's a great vacuum.

    Now, I'd like to know about steam vacs to clean the rugs with. My dog has an allergy to eggs and possibly something else, as she loosed all over the carpet the other day for the umteenth time and it's getting a bit expensive to have a prof. carpet cleaner come every time it happens. I borrowed a Bissel Carpet Cleaner from our in-laws a while ago and haven't returned it. I want to get our own, but not like this one. The one we borrowed doesn't get hot, just uses hot tap water. I've seen a few, but not sure which one to get. They vary from about $169 to over $400. (I don't want the big professional ones that cost $600.

    I don't want to spend more than 2 to 3 hundred on it.

    Anyone wanna give me some imput?
  2. Hound dog

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    My Hoover with the power brushes has done an amazing job, even though it's dated now. I got the first version that came out, which tells you how long I've had it. lol

    I'm looking for an updated version. I love my Hoover and may buy the latest version. I was looking at wallie world a couple of weeks ago. I spotted one that if I read the box right has it's own heater and keeps the water in the tank hot. I can't recall if it was Bissell or Hoover, but that one peeked my interest. I don't know how much it costs though. I guessing probably around 400.00.

    I'm also looking for a new vacuum sweeper. Last two times I bought the el cheapo delux from Bissell that wallie world carries for like 40 bucks. Nichole has killed 2 expensive really awesom vacs I had, and I didn't want to sink the money into yet another one just to have her kill it. (even I don't believe what she tries to **** up in a vacuum!)

    But with 3 dogs inside, counting Gracie, and now the cats too, the cheap vacuum just isn't handling the job well. I need one with awesom suction power and with some really good attachments. Any suggestions?

    Seems so silly I'm spending my school loan refund check on a shampooer and a vacuum. But it balances out. husband is buying me a dishwasher and maybe new washer and dryer with the tax refund check.:D

    God my family is hard on my appliances. sheesh

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    I have a Hoover upright that doesn't have a heating unit and I wouldn't buy this again. No matter how fast I move the water is never warmer than lukewarm by the time I get going and cold by the time I finish the tank.

    It is better than nothing though, I will admit, but I wouldn't count on it for deep cleaning.
  4. Star*

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    I can tell you NOT to get the Red Devil sized ones - they are worthless unless your carpets have scotch guard on them -

    I owned a commercial carpet cleaner years ago we used it with the maid service and I learned a ton from the seminars - about steam cleaning vs. chemical cleaning vs. dry cleaning.

    Most of what a carpet cleaner does that is not a little spendy is put cleaners and leave residue on your carpets. Actually you can achieve very nice results by using about 1/2 of the recommended chemical additives and rinsing TWICE. It's the left-over residue from soaps that actually once dry - then dampened with rain, pet urine, spills - that cause your carpet to be a magnet for future dirt. It's the same as not rinsing all the cream rinse out of your hair and expecting it to be shiny and full of body-

    That being said - no matter what equipment you use - using less cleaner will be better in the long run, rinsing twice - is the ticket to cleaner carpets.

    You may want to check with the manufacturer of your carpet and see what blend it is, and which machine and cleaner they recommend before investing in a cleaner.

    I would have to also put my vote for a Hoover with the spinning bristles - I had one - Dude 'accidentally" threw out the water tank - and it's around $40.00 to replace it vs. 200.00 for a new and powerful machine! vrrom

    Good luck Loth -

    also a good test to see if you did get all the soap and residue out of your carpet is to put down a white towel, stomp on it with your foot, twist your foot and if the rag comes up any color other than white - the rug really isn't clean and rinsed.
  5. hearts and roses

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    I only have one 11' X 9' rug in my living room. I rent the carpet cleaners and they work great for me. My dogs are pukers too, so I have to do it at least quarterly.

    Lisa, my regular vacuum is a Bosch canister. It seemed too small to me, but man, it really kicks it, has great suction power and is lightweight so it's easy on my back (I have to use a canister because the uprights are too heavy to push and pull). Anyway, it was nearly $600, but they have other models. I would hit up an actual vacuum store - they have a lot of refurbished ones that are like new. The guy we bought ours from had a Eureka from 1976 and was selling it for $550!!! It had better power than the one we bought. The only reason I didn't buy that one was because it had no accessory package and need my accessories!!
  6. Hound dog

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    The not rinsing right is why I no longer allow husband to "help" me shampoo. He runs the thing over the rug like a vacuum and tries to tell me it's clean. Uh, no.

    I go over really good with the soap. But then I have dogs that track everything in. Then I rinse, rinse again, and rinse again, and sometimes again. Til my water comes back as clear as it went in. (or nearly)

    Didn't know anyone else used that method but me. lol

    Jo, going to a vacuum store is a great idea! And we actually have one in a town about 20 miles from us. :D

    I "inherited" my mother in law's old 70's Eureka and remember bawling when it finally gave out, sometime in the late 90's. And it had "cruise control" lol. They sure don't seem to make 'em like that these days.
  7. Fran

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    I got this one via on the recommendation of Ephchap.

    [ame=""] Hoover F7452900 SteamVac All Terrain 12 Amp Carpet and Hard-Floor Cleaner: Kitchen & Dining[/ame]

    I heat water and mix it with the hottest tap water. I love how well it cleans my kitchen floors. Two big doggies, slobber a lot. It cleans the carpet well but I am still learning. I only used it on carpet once and I soaked it too much.
    I am pretty pleased with it. The weakness is my skill.
  8. gottaloveem

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    Eureka has a vacuum called the Capture, it sells at wall-mart for under $140.00. I got mine on sale for $119.00. It has awesome suction and great attachments. Excellent reviews online also.
  9. Ephchap

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    Fran is absolutely right; I recommended the Hoover All Terrain one to her. We had an old Hoover and it was great for many years and finally went kaput a while ago. We wanted to stay with Hoover since the old faithful had been so good, and have been very happy with the All Terrain.

    We have light colored carpet in the great room and an old dog. Need I say more? :sad-very:

    We also have the old 9 inch very light beige tiles in our large entry and kitchen and the steamer does great on those as well. They really shine after using.

    My name is Deb and I am not an actor being paid by Hoover (but wish I was, lol).

  10. Star*

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  11. donna723

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    After you shampoo your carpets ... you're supposed to RINSE them??? Maybe that's what I've been doing wrong!


    Hey, I never claimed to be Martha Stewart!!!
  12. Kjs

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    Bissell ProHeat 2X Select Upright Deep Cleaner

    I like that one. The price I see listed is $249. I have this and I did not pay that much.
  13. Hound dog

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    LOL Donna.

    Ok. I absolutely have always loved the Hoover's I've owned. I'm gonna check out that recommeded vac though. God knows I need one with suction power.

    And now I'm torn between the Hoover all terrain and the Bissell ProHeat shampooers. I'm thinking the latter is the one I spotted at the store. lol

    Now here's something funny. husband thought he'd avoid the whole new vacuum and shampooer deal by just saying "why don't we just replace the livingroom carpet?"

    Not a bad idea. I've trained a litter of pups on it, and 3 other pups as well, PLUS had a dog give birth on it. (she refused to go into her whelping box) Shampooing it to death probably won't even be enough to make it clean again..........

    So, much to husband's dismay........ I now need the new vacuum and new shampooer for my NEW carpet. lmao *snort* (that'll teach him)