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  1. klmno

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    How are you doing?

    How is M doing lately and where is he?
  2. Steely

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    Hi K....

    Thanks for asking about me........

    Things are going OK. Sort of? I am in Washington now, and finding all the adjustments of the last year to be a bit overwhelming. But I shall overcome :) (I Hope??) I am working on opening my own business, after the last whirl in the corporate world, I am pretty sure I cannot take working for one more stuffed shirt! So I am hoping my business will take off soon.

    Matt is in Portland and he is doing 'OK'. He is stable, so that is always good news. He is making really small steps, but they are soooo slow sometimes I really wonder how long it will take for him to truly grow up. He was supposed to go to school this semester, and he got a huge panic attack and bailed - so now I am just not sure what he is going to do. I want him to get connected to a vocational place that helps kids like him - but he is so "proud" he refuses to get "help". So we will see how the end of this year goes and what he can motivate himself to do. For now I am helping him out some financially - and he is getting help from the state.

    One step at a time.....for both of us. I miss AZ like crazy, so I am hoping I made the right decision - but I didn't really have a choice as there were not any jobs in the town I was in. I had to move somewhere - I was just never sure of where the "where" was - and I still aren't :)
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    Yes you shall.

    Did you ever hear/see the South African scenes (news stuff) where the masses would join together singing? Nelson Mandela was in prison, and the intent was to get him out - not by force. So they would get together and sing... and the whole song had three words. Over and over, in multi-part harmony, in a powerful show of solidarity. The words? "Free Nelson Mandela". I can hear it echoing in my ears even now.

    Maybe "We Shall Overcome" should be your theme song for now? I can hear that one ringing in my ears, too. Simple. Powerful. A reminder of the possible.

    There's a song the kids learned in school... don't know the name or the author... but its about a tree... and the order of the song is powerful... something like... I've got roots growing down to the water, I've got leaves reaching out to the sunshine... becoming what the lord of the trees wants me to be...

    Roots come first. The rest WILL come.
  4. Steely

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    Thanks Insane..........yes I know what you are talking about........I just need to hear it humming in my veins now as well. It is weird how after X amount of psychological disappointments our minds just give. I guess just like our bodies. I feel now as if I am having to tell my mind what is going to happen - because it wants to crawl in a ball and hide in the corner - and that is just not OK.