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    How did the birthday party go? Hope Jett had a good time.
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    Wow... I was “ignoring” this post ‘cause of the other one by the same name that I’m trying to let die. Sorry ‘bout that! (Thanks for the bump, Loth!!!)

    The party went pretty well! Besides husband having to work, we had (of course Onyxx and I were there) my parents (Dad did the grilling!), my niece & her two little boys, the 2 kids from across the street, one of Jett’s football friends, and the little girl from next door & her mom. Full house!

    We were doing fine through food, then the boys went out back to the playhouse. About ten minutes later they came boiling up the stairs yelling that Jett got stung! I got him in the kitchen, wrestled him to the floor (gently – he didn’t seem to understand when I told him to sit down), and took a look at his foot. Little tiny red spot, no stinger. Had Onyxx grab me an ice cube. About that time what do I see crawling in Jett’s hair but a small yellow bee!

    I was trying to use my fingernail to dislodge it and yelling for someone to grab it (I am deathly allergic to bee stings) when it stung Jett in the head. Mom grabbed it and squashed it. Again, no stinger – but screaming child! He was convinced he was allergic like me. I knew better – Onyxx was stung in the foot a couple of years ago, and neither husband nor BM are allergic. However, we got him calmed down, fed him a Benadryl and some ibuprofen and sprayed the area with lidocaine (that stuff is gold around my house). He’s fine.

    He was not especially excited about the arm pads and gloves for football, or the socks he got, all from the grandparents (my parents). But he did get Star Wars Monopoly – and WATCH OUT – the kid’s a shark! He wins at Monopoly constantly. He also got some DS games and Wii stuff from mother in law, and a couple of gift cards to Wal-Mart (HAPPY!)… father in law didn’t come to the party. He can’t get past the one time two months ago when he got into it with Onyxx and she told him to get out of her house (she had a point…), and he won’t come over and be around her. She has gotten over it. HE needs to grow up. Punishing Jett ‘cause he & Onyxx rub each other wrong. Grr.

    Then about 8:30 Jett & I took husband dinner – a double cheeseburger, loaded (I had my Dad grill a couple extra), fruit salad (chunks of fruit, no dressing), cake and ice cream. Large dinner… But he was thrilled. He got to have part of the party, at least!
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    It sounds like a great party, up until Jett got stung. I am glad he is not allergic. Bee stings are a huge phobia of mine, so I feel for the guy.

    I hope he enjoys all his presents.