Stepson is smoking weed.

Jada Smith

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Hi there. I just recently found out that my 18 year old stepson has been smoking weed, quite often in fact. I am currently on probation. Could I get in trouble or go to jail if he is caught or if the police were to find weed in the house?


Crazy Cat Lady
Jada, if your son is found smoking weed outside of your residence, no, you shouldn't be in trouble.

However, if weed or paraphernalia were to be found in your house, yes, you would be in violation of your probation.

There is also the risk that, should you stepson be busted with weed, that the police might obtain a warrant to search the house. It all depends on his associations, and what his record looks like.

It also, unfortunately, depending on where exactly you live, might depend on his ethnicity.

pigless in VA

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Welcome, Jada. I recommend that you change your user name to something anonymous for your own safety. Oddly, my SO and I were just discussing this very issue before I sat down in front of the computer. I think you must be very cautious, and I think I would request of the step-son to keep all illegal drugs out of your house. His choices are putting you at risk.

Sister's Keeper

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I'm pretty sure under the terms of your parole that if your stepson were to be caught with drugs or drug paraphernalia in your home you would be in violation.

Also, if the terms of your probation are that you are not to associate with known drug users, that would also be a violation. I know every time my sister has been on parole/probation part of her terms were that she wasn't to associate with known drug abusers/dealers. Of course she is now in prison on a plethora of parole violations, so you see how that went.

One of the women in my group has a son who was using and selling. She didn't know it at the time. The police raided her home and when they found the drugs they arrested her, and she is, at least, in her 60s, and has never had a legal problem in her life.

The only reason the police agreed to drop the charges against her is that her son confessed that the drugs were his, and that she had no idea that they were in the house or that he was dealing.


Crazy Cat Lady
Yeah, that reminds me of another issue: if you live in certain states (IL is one), your property can be seized as the result of a drug bust. So, you could lose your house and car(s) if drugs were to be found in either.

You need to talk to a lawyer.