Stepson kicked out of rehab

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by Kaim, Oct 16, 2012.

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    So after my last post, after intense discussion with numerous counselors and addiction specialists; we decided to let my stepson (17) back in the house under the condition that he was only going to the outpatient rehab and work. Transportation was arranged for him for both, he didn't have a car, nothing, he was attending school in the program per a special program they had. He made it 5 days in rehab.

    We just got a call that he was out of the program for "promoting and glamorizing drug usage" including snorting pills, rolling blunts/joints and sexual harassment (talking about "f**cking all these :censored2:es", "***** you should be stripping for me", "why don't you model in your panties for me", those were the PG ones). Charges may be pending since he apparently grabbed a female counselor's butt.

    I want to do nothing more right now then drive him to the ghetto, drop him off, and say that if he's such a "playa" and pimp - he can survive on the streets. f**cking kids these days, you're not Lil' (little?) Wayne, T-Pain or anybody else - you're a f**cking suburban, middle class, white kid. The ghetto will eat you alive, I know, I grew up in one. It's not somewhere anyone wants to be.
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    The mixture of disappointment, anger, frustration and helplessness is just overwhelming. Many, many of us have been where you are with slight variations. I'm not sure how long you've been on this distorted road so I'm not offering any advice on what to do next. Just want you to know that you are not alone. Hugs DDD
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    I have been there several times... our difficult children sound similar.... white suburban kids who think they are "badass" and are totally inappropriate in many ways. And of course the drug use in rehab is automatic reason to be kicked out and for good reason.... and it is so darned frustrating!!!!! My son has been kicked out of several places, and then walked out of the last place when it got too hard. I so understand where you are... and anger right now makes total and perfect sense.

    I don't remember how old your son is? Is he over 18? If he is, although I would not drive him to the ghetto, I would set up strick guidelines for living in your home, and when he breaks them (and he will) then kick him out. It is probably time for him to figure out how the world really works.... and they do find ways to survive on the streets amazingly enough.

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    I have been there too. My difficult child has sex with just about every guy she could in rehab even though they had strict rules against male/female interaction. She too thought she was in the ghetto and was told many times they would eat her up out there. Sadly over the past two years she has learned how to fit in in the ghetto and doesn't seem to want anything more.

    I would give him a very short period of time to find alternative living arranegments. Obviously he is not going to come back home and follow your rules.

    I'm very sorry. We got those calls from the rehab center too, it was embarrassing and disgusting. They had to write a new rule book after she left.

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    PS: My grandson (who is totally like a son) got "discharged" from three rehab programs. Sigh! We have gone years without any arrests etc. Alot of our kids only get better when they age into their twenties. DDD
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    My 19 year old son dropped out of rehab this week after attending maybe two sessions. I really feel for you. The anger and sheer frustration is almost overwhelming. I feel like I have given him every chance in the work to succeed and he chooses the exact opposite (drugs and drinking). My heart goes out to you. This board has brought me a great deal of sanity.