Still no appointment with pain mgmt doctor

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    They're not scheduling for him yet. Apparently, he's signed the contract, but the partners haven't or something stupid. He's only in this office on Monday's so he's been going in every Monday and just sitting there because he can't see patients.

    Meanwhile, I needed to refill my hydrocodone and CVS said they were out and that it was backordered. :surprise: That's like a store being out of advil. They said Walgreens had some and that I could transfer my prescription there. So, now I'm wondering if they're really out of it or if they just don't want to fill my rx for that anymore - like I'm an addict or selling them on the street or something. I have prescriptions that are quite a bit more exotic and I've never had trouble filling them there. If only they knew that I don't want to be taking these things - that I want something that works better and is more natural/therapeutic, but until I can get in to see the pain doctor, this is all I have.

    Still no word on the second neuro.

    I think I have some kind of nurse case mgr with my insurance. I'm going to try to find out who that is and see if she can help any.
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    Hope you get the medications resolved quickly, and that you feel better!
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    I think you have a good idea to get in touch with the nurse case manager. I hate dealing with insurance companies. The people who are in customer service are usually useless. Lots of times, they don't even know what my benefits are. I hope you have an insurance company that is more "with it" than the two major companies we have in our area.

    in my humble opinion, I think you should transfer your scripts to Walgreen's. If you don't take your medications, the pain could become much worse. And, you're suffering enough already!!!

    I hope you get an appointment soon with the pain management doctor - I've got my fingers crossed... Thinking of you... WFEN
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    I am sorry CVS said they were backordered. When we lived near a CVS I could not get ANY scrip filled there because they were always out of it. Even things like amoxicillin for hte kids, and pharmacies should NEVER be out of that one!

    Go ahead and transfer the scrip. You can always transfer it back if you prefer CVS. Be aware that MOST states let a pharmacist decide if they don't want to fill a scrip. This came to light with birth control and with the morning after pill. Pharmacists can decide they are not comfortable filling a scrip. Often they own't tell you, but will send you somewhere else. THis is why I am at a small, family owned pharmacy where they KNOW me and my problems. One pharmacist was my pharmacist at another place from the time I was 15. I have just moved wherever he was when we lived near him. He has a good idea of what can be used to treat a problem and if he thinks you are abusing something he will pull you aside and let you know - never any bs about it. Andi f he is out, he truly is. But it never takes more than 2 business days to get a medication (they were short on my pain medications on Sat, but had them in on Mon afternoon - thought MOST big chains take several more days to get medications back in stock around here. Our Walgreens takes a week to 10 days to get most medications, and they are ALWAYS out. Of everything.)

    Gentle hugs my sweet. Get your medications and stay AHEAD of the pain. Don't wait until you are in pain to take them.

    For the pain clinic, at least he has agreed to see you. I was rejected by EVERY pain clinic in our state. Yes, the entire state. I got in to see the ONE in my town. He is the doctor who wrote "drug addict" on the chart right in front of me. Took up the whole page. And I didn't even ASK for pain medications. He wouldn't even look at my records.

    So the wait stinks, but there IS hope. Is there any chance you can go see him in another location or office? Wherever he works the rest of hte week? Or see one of hte other partners, even if there is a wait?

    Be kind to yourself. If you won't, how can you expect the kids to?
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    Sorry, Heather- I know it isn't good news, especially with appts slowing down for the holiday schedules.
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    So sorry you are going through this. Pharmacies annoy me.