Still no IEP, but first Report Card rec'd.

Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by DS3, Oct 25, 2011.

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    So difficult child got a 'Not Meeting Standard' in Self Control Skills (includes behavior, emotional, and attention control), and in Fine Motor Skills (inlduces small muscle control and strength, and hand-eye coordination).

    He got a 'Progressing Towards Standard' in everything else. This includes; Self Concept, Social Competence Skills, Social Awareness Skills, Listening Comprehension Skills, Speech Production Skills, Vocabulary Skills, Sentences and Structure Skills, Motivation to Read Skills, Phonological Awareness Skills /Sentence Segmentation, Alphabet Knowledge Skills/Letter Naming, Comprehension of Text Read Aloud Skills, Motivation to Write, Counting Skills/ Counts 1-30, Counting Skills/Number Sense, Geometry and Spatial Sense Skills/Shapes, Geometry and Spatial Sense Skills/Location Words, Measurement Skills/Length, Height, Weight, Capacity, Measurement Skills/Time & Motion, Classification and Pattern Skills/Sorts, Classification and Pattern Skills/Collects & Sorts, Classification and Pattern Skills/Patterns, Physical Science Skills, Life Science Skills, Earth & Space Science Skills, Personal Safety & Health Skills, People Past & Present Skills/Understands Cultures and Families, People Past & Present Skills/Understands events and routines, Economic Skills/Explores roles of consumers and people that produce services, Geography Skills/Locate people places, things in their environment, Citizenship Skills/Understands American Customs, symbols, and celebrations, Gross Motor Skills.

    Not rated this period; Phonological Awareness Skills/ Compound Words, Phonological Awareness Skills/Syllables, Phonological Awareness Skills/Rhyming, Phonological Awareness Skills/Alliteration, Onset Rime, Phonological Awareness Skills/Phonemes, Alphabet Knowledge Skills/Letter Sounds, Independently Conveys meaning skills, Forms letter skills, Concepts about print skills, Counting skills/ordinal terms, Counting skills/Quantities, Counting Skills/Numerals, Counting skills/Addition & Subtraction, Counting Skills/Division, English Language Learner-ELL (All).

    Teachers Comments; Easily Distracted. Keep working!

    So that is how it is broken down. Impressive part of this is that he is listed as knowing more then 3000 words.

    So, all that said, I want to know what planet this teacher is living on. difficult child has been clinically diagnosed with a phonological disorder. Granted, the more he goes to school the better it has gotten without any speech therapy. Teacher is now telling me he doesn't need it. Listening Comprehension Skills... I'm sure he listens, but it sure ain't to me. Motivation to write... yeah... I don't see it. His ABA doesn't either (of which this will all be interesting when he comes tonight and I can show him what this says)... The geography skills of being able to locate things in their environment... That one made me laugh. I can tell him exactly where something is and ask him to bring it to me, and he will walk right over to it and not find it. And the best one of all that really got me laughing was the personal safety and health skills (practices good habits of safety, health and hygiene). Yeah... this is why I have poison control on speed dial and know most of the ER nurses by name... this is why I have to have locks on everything... omg...

    I don't know if I want to LOL or cry. Cause I know this means an even harder time at this IEP...
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    OH wow, so sorry. It just seems so obvious....never ceases to amaze me. Keep pushing....I know you will.
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    If they try to use this report card to deny him an IEP ask for the data that helped produce the report card. They are saying difficult child can locate things in the room. Show me the data and how the testing was done to prove it. I have seen reports for parents done only based on the teachers observations of what happened weeks ago.

    While the IEP team does take into consideration the teachers perspective the testing done is also taken into consideration as well as the parents perspective (hopefully) and the independent testing done and .... anything else the IEP team considers relevant.

    If I remember the teacher is overwhelmed with your son's behaviors? I don't think she will want to get in the way of the IEP. She should want as much help as possible. (Of course I could be wrong and she could be a complete idiot.)
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    DS3... am I missing something? You don't list anything as "meeting standard" or "exceeding standard"... right?

    To translate from ed gobbledegook to stuff us old folks understand...
    Not Meeting Standard = E or F
    Progressing Toward Standard = D
    Meeting Standard = C or B
    Exceeding Standard = A

    (the school and teacher will swear forever that it doesn't break down this way... but it does.)

    If all he has is Ds and Fs... that's plenty of evidence that this kid needs help.
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    Nope. None of it meets the standard. And I hope so. I'm trying my best to work with him and what not, but it seems we're having a very bad week topped off with no medication today (forgot to pick it up Tuesday and doctor was out of town yesterday). SO he had to go without medications. The teacher wrote a note about it too (how he needs his medication daily) -I'm sorry, I think my difficult child 2 having the stomach bug and me being sick warrants 1 day of forgetting to run all over the place. I picked them up today, so shouldn't have any more issues.