Stirred up a hornets nest


and didn't get stung.

The other day when I talked to our social worker about gfg2s Residential Treatment Center (RTC) and some of my misgivings I really didn't know what to expect.

Well today she called while I was at appointments with easy child but husband was told all of the folks that she talked to. And there were many. She went to the therapist, case manager, case managers supervisor and a couple higher than that.

She made inquiries on a lot of stuff. I believe she actually listened to me and understood we didn't like some things that were going on.

After she told husband (who only gives the briefest of synopsis' to me) husband received a call from the case manager supervisor. Hmmmm do I hear buzzing.

It amazes me that I had commented so many times on different things to various folks but when they get the call that says we are going to push for a new placement who boy do they stand up and take notice.

We will see if any actual changes happen. At least we know we got their attention.

So the saga continues.




Here we go again!
Good for you for sticking to your guns, continuing to make your case and trying to be heard! It's ridiculous that it has taken so long to get people's attention. Hope they actually follow through and are proactive about making the changes you need.