Stomach pains??

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by nlg319, Aug 19, 2007.

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    difficult child#2 came home early from a sleepover with complaints of not feeling well on Thursday. He said the pain comes and goes. Not a sick to his stomach pain, just pain. He says it is in the middle of his stomach, more near his gut. He moves his bowels but pain is still there, off and on. Late yesterday afternoon he was almost in tears. But then decided he was well enough to go for a run with difficult child#1. Last night before bed, he was asking for some medicine. I really didn't have anything to give him, and I just told him to lay down and relax. He is still asleep now as I type this. His Risperal has been increased at night...Could this be a side effect? Any other thoughts on what it could be?
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    If the pain is still present today, you really need to run this by a doctor -- be it the pediatrician or the psychiatrist. It could be a side effect to Risperdal, but it also could be something else, such as a virus, food poisoning or appendicitis (appendicitis can start as pain around the belly button, but then moves to the right side). If the pain is severe, you should not let it go on without attention; I would consider taking him to the ER if you can't reach a doctor by phone today.

    Good luck. Please keep us updated.
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    Smallworld is right, it could be appendicitis. My oldest difficult child first complained of pain in the middle of his belly. It came and went Friday, Saturday night he was walking bent over. Sunday he was uncomfortable, it wasn't until we went to the ER Sunday afternoon that he started feeling it more on his right side, developed a fever and started feeling sick to his stomach.
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    Well difficult child#2 woke up without a complaint. I asked him how his stomach felt and he said he felt better. He ate lunch and seems to be ok. I'll keep an eye on him! Thanks!