Stop the presses! husband went to a psychiatrist!!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Mom2oddson, Sep 1, 2010.

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    :surprise: I Know!! :surprise:

    Over 10 years of everyone else in the house going and husband with his "I don't need to talk to anyone", finally made an appointment yesterday and went. Of course I had to go with him, he didn't want to do it alone. Silly boy.

    The psychiatrist gave husband clomenzapam (?) to help with his anxiety. It seems to be helping. At least husband was able to sleep last night without sleeping pills. He's taking one more day off of work just to get adjusted to the medications. husband said he actually is starting to feel more like his old self. And...he's thinking about going back once in a while to talk!!

    As for me, I LOVE my TCM doctor (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Whatever he put in my herbs this week is better than any anxiety medications I've ever tried. I have a sense of calm and peace that I haven't had in years! And he says I can take it however works for me. 3 spoons 3 times a day or 6 spoons 6 times a day. It's not addicting, has no side effects except that I feel healthier. Of course, the raw herbs mixed with warm water tastes nasty, but it's so worth it. I actually woke up happy this morning!

    And if I haven't said it lately... THANK YOU to each and everyone of you!! It is so nice to have some place to go where you aren't judges. Or where you don't hear "Your problems aren't that bad, get over it". This board and all you wonderful people have helped me maintain my sanity (what there is of it). Thank You!!
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    WOW!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! That is awesome. I am so glad that your husband went to the dr, that he wants to "Talk" every now and then in therapy, and that the medications are working so fast. Anti-anxiety medications are, in my humble opinion, better than sleeping pills because they get to the root of the problem.
    Could you PM me and let me know which Chinese herbs you are taking? My husband is a chiro and has access to that sort of thing and your testimonial has me wanting more info. Thanks!
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    Awesome! About both things!!! Do you think your husband would talk to a therapist, or only to the psychiatrist? I just haven't heard of many psychiatrists who do much in the way of talk therapy, so I wondered.

    I am glad your chinese medicine is helping - there is a whole lot we don't know about in the way we usually practice mainstream medicine. I saw an herbalist when we lived in OH who was absolutely incredible. She truly made a huge difference when nothing the docs did helped at all.

    Hopefully both you and husband will continue to get great results!!
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    Terry, I wish I knew what herbs I was taking. He has a huge pharmacy of herbs that he mixes and matches with how your body responds. He's training a doctor from Holland right now. From his explanation to that doctor, I know that he's "directly attacking the blockage in the liver and adding enough blood movers to help push things thru". He had 10 different things written on the prescription pad and they were all in chinese. Wish I could help. What I really wish is that the US had more doctors like him. It's amazing what he can do and how he can find issues with a pulse reading that medical exams can't. He can tell the minute you start to get a kidney or gallstone. He can tell if you have a headache without you saying a word. He's saved lives too. I was there when a gentleman came in to Thank TCM doctor. The gentleman had come for a visit because his wife had made him go. TCM doctor sent him straight from his office to a cardiologist. The guy had NO Symptoms but had an 85% blockage in one artery and 90% in the other. The cardiologist told the gentleman that TCM doctor had saved his life.

    What I did learn from him is that if you have a lot of fear (as when difficult child-S had her suicide attempt) support your Kidneys. Fear lives in the kidneys. If you have a lot of anger, support your liver. Anger lives in the liver.
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    This is great news on all fronts. Glad you have a bright spot!

    And so...what do you take to support your kidneys and liver??? I need both right now.
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    He had 10 different things written on the prescription pad and they were all in chinese.

    Oh, bother. :sad-very: