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  1. Andy

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    :confused: We had a wonderful vacation.

    Saturday - Niece's wedding and stayed overnight next door to Judy Garland Children's Museum. Kids went swimming.

    Sunday - Drove to Superior, WI and attended a relative's Grad Party. Then up the North Shore to Gooseberry Park Motel and Cabins.

    Monday - Drove up to Canadian Border

    Tuesday - Gooseberry State Park, Split Rock Lighthouse, Two Harbors and one ugly 1/2 hour with difficult child harrassing Diva to the point of her wanting to physically pulverize him and me telling both of them that they are ungrateful xxxxxxxxx for abusing the vacation in this way. I told Diva that she is now 19 years old and needs to grow up and ignore stupid behavior.

    Wednesday (today) - stopped at Black Bear Casino for brunch. I won $50.00. Stopped at my parents and now home.

    When we stopped at Mom and Dad's after 2 hours in van, difficult child got out and immediately threw up ALOT!!! No idea where that came from. He was feeling fine until he got out of the vehicle and Bammmm! He feels fine again after it. Weird!
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  2. Wiped Out

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    Sounds like a fantastic week!! Getting sick like that and then feeling fine reminds me of when my difficult child used to get stomach migraines.
  3. Andy

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    Wiped Out - There was no stomach pain or any symptoms leading up to it. He felt fine until he stood up outside the vehicle. I asked him how long he knew he had to throw up and he said, "I didn't know until I got out of the van. As I was standing up I felt weird and then I threw up." Is it possible to have such a quick stomach migrane or one with no pain?

    He was playing his DS for much of the ride so I wonder if the transition from that back to reality had something to do with this?

    It was so odd and out of the blue. He admitted on the first day of the vacation he was a little anxious but he seemed very relaxed the rest of the vacation (just a few very very minor squabbles with diva and the one 1/2 hour standoff which he started). He would even go down to the lakeshore on his own (out of sight from the room we had) as well as cross a busy street to get to the gift shop across the street from our cabin. This weekend he was very much into doing things by himself and running ahead. He had a very good time and I didn't feel the stress of an anxiety ridden kid at all (that was so refreshing).
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    Kids who are prone to migraines like your difficult child quite frequently experience migraines and/or stomach upset from car trips, according to our neuro. My own kids get headaches and nausea from car rides so we give them Motrin and Dramamine before we start out. Works like a charm.
  5. Andy

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    difficult child had a neurologist appointment today. The neurologist did say that the throwing up could be from many different things - we don't have enough clues to know for sure - and added an abdominal migraine as a possibility.
    (Wiped Out and Smallworld - you both are so knowledgable! I had never heard of a stomach migraine before. Interesting!)

    difficult child's 48 hr EEG has been rescheduled to Sept 14th (a month earlier than original). Apparently this came about earlier this week. The receptionist who schedules it sent the info on Monday (it was in today's mail when we got home).

    The neurologist had suggested another sleep deprived EEG but when she learned of the new date for the 48 hour stated that we could wait for that. difficult child wanted the shorter one now but I don't think they would "catch" anything in a short one since the "spots" are not every day. More likely to to "catch" one in the longer one.
  6. Wiped Out

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    When difficult child's stomach migraines first started they came out of nowhere and then would quickly leave. Then they started to last about and hour and a half and eventually they lasted all day.

    I'm glad they were able to get the appointment moved up. Crossing fingers it can somehow be moved up even sooner!