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    Has anyone had any experience with strattera My 10yr old takes it along with focalin I am thinking about weeaning her off the strattera because I believe it is not working only seems to make her louder and angry Any help is appreciated i am new to this site and am glad I found it
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    welcome to the board.

    I've not had any experience with strattera, but I know many here who have - both positive and negative. I'm sure they will be along shortly. One thing we all stand by though is making sure our difficult child's docs are aware of any plans or thoughts to remove or taper a medication.

    You might want to give some thought to filling out a profile signature like you see on the bottom of our posts. We have several members who go by the name nancy (with another letter or number added) and it will really help us remember who you are. It also helps us understand a little better the history of your difficult child. Stuff like when she was diagnosis'd, how long she's been on a medication or what medications she's tried, etc. That way we don't have to ask the same questions every time you pop in!!!

    Again, welcome to the board - glad you found us.

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    Hello and welcome.

    My nephew was on Strattera for a little bit. It made him horribly moody, mean and irritable. It was awful. It did not seem to combat his ADHD either. He switched to Vyvanse and had great success with it. It helped him concentrate, his grades improved and he was always in a good mood. The probelm with that is that the insurance company considers this too new and won't pay for it. My sister is still fighting to get it back!!

    Good luck. :)
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    I will consult with her doctor before weaning her I know she has to be weaned off it so the dr. will have to tell me how to do it She has an appointment in 2 weeks with her P-dr. I don"t know how to do that thing at the bottom i guess I will figure it out