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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by joneshockey, Jul 20, 2010.

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    We just took B1 last night to be evaluated for ADHD by the psychologist that B2 has been seeing for weekly therapy... I was under the impression that they would be testing him at this appointment, but we discovered through him interviewing us, that B1 also has possibly other issues besides ADHD. I was surprised by this, yet glad that the psychiatrist is really being through with his interviewing of us. We now have to wait to contiue this process at next weeks appointment... Ohh the joys of having 2 children with many appointment I feel is just beginning. My husband and I were sent home with 2 questionaires to fill out and he said that next week he would be talking with B1 alone, so I am hopeful that he will be able to do the evaluation then. I am feeling a biot anxious about what they are going to find - It has been really hard on me lately because I have been dealing with all of B2's issues and adding more onto my plate right now is beginning to really stress me out!
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    I could say, "don't worry, wait until the next appointment", but I know that's not practical! I only have 1 difficult child and know how time-consuming that can be; so I do understand your stress in the anticipation of another difficult child diagnosis.

    But you know, all our kids are different; one difficult child is totally different from another. The issues that your B2 deals with are probably totally different than B1. Try your best not to anticipate the problems. Look forward to having a better understanding of what it will take to make sure both your boys are given the tools they need to move forward with success.

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    Hi joneshockey, I can see why you are feeling the stress. 2 difficult child's magnifies everything.
    I think that respite every week was a godsend for me. Give yourself time to recharge.
    Whatever they find in the evaluation is just a starting point of understanding how best to help your kids. The boys will be the same as they were the day
    before but you will be a step farther along in knowing how to help them.
    Hugs. Not knowing what the future holds is a little worrisome but we have so little control that worry just seems like wasted energy.
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    hi ((((((joneshocky))))))

    It is a bit shocking to find out you have two difficult child's. I fondly remember the days when I thought I only had one difficult child.

    Whatever happens -- you will manage. You will find resources you didn't know you had. Plus -- the psychiatrist won't be able to tell you anything you don't already know about B1. He'll just put some information out there for you to think about, and use as a guide. Sometimes it even helps to know -- it can explain frustrations, stuck places or things we really haven't wanted to see all along (speaking from experience here).

    And now -- you're really going to have to take good care of yourself -- even better than what you have been doing. You deserve roses. Have hope. Stay in the present moment.
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    It is frustrating and scary but it WILL work out. Somehow it always does. Remember that while the experts are expert in their knowledge of whatever they studied, YOU are the expert on your children. If something is suggested or recommended and it doesn't seem right to you, ask questions and research until it does seem right or you find something else to do. YOU know your kids best and are their best advocate!!

    Is the psychiatrist you refer to a psychiatrist (with the MD) or a psychologist? The abbreviations can get confusing. psychiatrist is a psychiatrist and has a medical degree, writes prescriptions. A psychologist is called a therapist here, meaning therapy doctor, because few psychiatrists do therapy. I was just a little bit confused.

    Regardless, we are here and will help however we can. Are you getting ready to set up an IEP for B1 at school? There is a lot of info in the Special Education forum about how to get an IEP. It might be helpful to plan that now rather than waiting until school is starting to figure it out. (As if you really needed another thing to do, right? lol)