Strictest Parents and Redneck Weddings

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    I have been on the computer looking at websites for the tv stations we get. I found that CMT has some cool ones!

    They have a show called "The Strictest Parents" where 2 troubled teens go to live with a family of strict parents for a week. I don't know if you can really change someone's life and lifestyle in a week, but at least for a while the kids seem to come around. The parents seem to be able to reach them (isn't it true that someone ELSE can get through to our kids eons before we can!).

    then they have some really FUNNY shows about weddings. My REdneck Wedding is a HOOT! You see some really funny things, and get an appreciation of the brides on the OTHER side of the "Bridezilla" spectrum! in my opinion these couples seem more genuine than the Bridezilla couples (Bridezillas seem more like women getting married and men who are just there than a couple getting married - but that is just what I have seen in a couple of the Bridezilla shows).

    I have to admit my wedding was much closer to the Redneck Wedding than the Bridezilla wedding! The groom wore cargo shorts and a tie dyed tshirt to the reception and his best man brought his golden retriever to the reception! And we had bright yellow canopies in the back yard because it gets hot in August in OK. Plus we had frisbees with the date instead of printed napkins or matchbooks, and we had beach balls and balloons tied up on the canopies rather than flowers.

    Here is a link to CMT. On the right side you can click on a show to watch full episodes.
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    Your wedding sounds like it was a blast!
  3. Hound dog

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    lol Susie

    You wedding sounds like fun. At ours the guest were required to bring swim suits. Our reception was pool side. :D Too hot in late augest to do anything else. lol We cut the cake, opened presents and dove in. :rofl:
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    Your wedding sounds like it was a lot of fun!

    I confess to watching "Bridezillas" once in a while. I can't decide if some of those women are playing it up because they're on camera, or if they're really worse in real life and they're restraining themselves because of the cameras! And it makes you wonder what's wrong with some of those men to want to marry someone like that!

    Last night there was an extremely overweight bride who wore a whistle to summon her bridesmaids whenever she wanted them to do something for her! She purposely picked overweight, rather unattractive girls to be her bridesmaids so none of them would look better than she did, and made them do a weigh-in the day before the wedding. One girl (the smallest one) looked nice in the bridesmaid dress because she was wearing some kind of "restrictive undergarments" - she made her take them off so she would look bulgey like the rest of them!
  5. Andy

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    I have seen just a part of the Strictest Parents. I have seen the Redneck Weddings and the Bridezillas.

    Your wedding sounds wonderful!

    I purposely kept my wedding very low key. The less to be set up, the less to go wrong. I refused to use one flower shop because they insisted that the guys have boutineers (I am not sure if that is the correct word or spelling for flowers). I said, "No, my husband does not like flowers and I will not make him wear one. And, if he doesn't have one, none of the other guys need one either."
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    Oh, our wedding receptions was a BLAST!! husband and I both felt that the actual wedding was a very intimate occurrence, so we had just our families and best friends there. My dad's younger sis and bro drove out together (they live back in OH). My bff from childhood flew out with her fiance, and husband's parents and sister and nephew came. It was not terribly formal, I was over halfway through the pregnancy marathon and wore a dress my mother made. I prefer most anything to white, so it was pink and mint green with a pattern of tulips. It was also a shirt and skirt, not one piece. My mom used the companion floral print to make shorts for me for the reception.

    While we kept the actual ceremony small, we had a huge party at my parents' afterwards. I didn't even do a big fancy cake. I had 2 sheet cakes made by a lady who had taught me cake decorating and candy making when I was a teen. She retired, but came out of it just for me. One cake was white with lemon filling and the other was chocolate.

    the dog had a great time with my dog. Kids climbed all over them. One of our friends had a 3yo who REFUSED to even look at me. She had her sights set on husband for her husband. She DID tell me, in front of everyone, much to her mother's embarrassment, that I had stolen HER husband and I could only keep him a few years. Then I was to turn him over to her. She did graciously allow me to "train him up right" so he wouldn't give her as many problems.

    It was just too cute and funny.

    Almost as funny as husband's nephew finding a snake and running around threatening to put it on his mom. I got brownie points because I picked it up, LOL!

    I was definitely NOT a Bridezilla. My reaction to things was more "that would be nice" than it was to weighing anyone for anything. I didn't even have my bff buy a dress unless she wanted one. I wanted her to be comfortable and feel pretty - I didn't care what color she wore or anything. (She was a TOTAL bridezilla - there were only 10 more people at the wedding than there were in the wedding. The number of guests only outnumbered the 11 bridesmaids, 1 maid of honor and matching groomsmen by 10!! Her wedding had six HOURS of photo taking and cost her parents more than 2 years of college tuition!! Literally. More than 2 YEARS (not semesters or quarters) of full time college.

    Anyway, I am glad y'all think my wedding sounded like the fun it was! I even still have the piece of canvas my mom hemmed up to cover one of the tables. It was blank, no adornment. Instead of a sign-in book we had a container of sharpies for people to write on the tablecoth. I also used it for kids' birthday parties, etc... always with sharpies to add to the loving sentiments.

    I hoenstly think many of the women on Bridezillas that I have seen parts of are missing the entire point of the ceremony and feelings it stands for. I think many brides get stressed out and have Bzilla moments. I thought making the bridesmaid take off her Spanx (undergarment that REALLY makes clothes look awesome - and the bra-leluja bra they make is one of the greatest wonders of the world - reall support and total comfort!) spoke volumes about the selfishness and cruelty we women can have and can show esp to our friends.

    Did any of y'all catch the clip where the woman had ordered cake chocolate, then white, then decided she wanted chocolate the afternoon before the wedding?? She PLANNED to throw a fit to get teh bakery to change her order at no cost to her. She actually slammed her fist into a decorated sheet cake as she tantrummed. She even said out loud on camera that she planned to tantrum!!

    I felt great for the baker that she said on camera what she planned - now she cannot wiggle out of the contract!!

    The Redneck Weekend is also a really funny show.
  7. DammitJanet

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    I watch bridzilla in reruns when nothing else is on and crack up at it. Who would spend that kind of money on a wedding? And get that stressed out over such stupid things? If I were most of the grooms I would have left the brides weeks before getting anywhere near the alter!
  8. susiestar

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    Janet we think alike on weddings! I saw a clip where the bride had a dress and then wanted a SECOND one so she ate all she could for a week so the first dress didn't fit. She dragged her mom to the store and tried on a dress that cost more than many cars we have had.

    Her mother bought her something all right. A girdle.

    Then I saw a clip where bride and groom went to see wedding rings. Bride decided she needed an engagement ring also. And insisted on a 3 carat stone in a thirty thousand dollar ring! The entire wedding was not supposed to be that expensive. (and she had spent double that amount on the wedding already!)

    I find it fascinating - rather like watching a train wreck. Just can't look away, Know what I mean??

    I think the redneck wedding look like a lot more fun.

    Or that redneck weekend where the invites were written on paper plates and tied around potatos. The potato invites were thrown into the yards of the guests, LOL!!
  9. mrscatinthehat

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    How anyone can spend that kind of money on a wedding is beyond my comprehension. One young lady that husband and I work with was working on her wedding and was talking of the cost. Now I have been married three times (ahem) and husband two. So that is four weddings that didn't cost what her one was going to. Boggles the mind really.
  10. DaisyFace

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    It's so funny that you brought up "The Strictest Parents"! It was recommended watching for everyone enrolled in our parenting husband and I watched a few episodes online.

    What a boring show! We decided we'd take several of those "troubled teens" in a heartbeat instead of just one difficult child. I didn't see HALF the carp that goes on in my house. And then when those 'strict' parents suspected the kids were hiding smokes in their room...? I saw them searching through drawers and chests and nightstands looking for cigarettes. "Amateurs!" we thought. "Who lets a kid that hides stuff have furniture with that many hiding places?"

    Has anyone else seen it? Did you also find that the typical teen antics were tame compared to our difficult children?

  11. DammitJanet

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    Daisy...we must have seen the same show. Did the boy have a lighter too? And the dad just sat beside him till he decided to give it up? LMAO. Oh please. Cory would have had 7 more lighters hidden elsewhere along with a carton of cigs. Hello...cory managed to sneak cigs and a lighter into the jailhouse!
  12. DaisyFace

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    O yeah....a whole HOUR of just sitting quietly on the couch. Gimme a break.

    My daughter will scream for four hours straight (over something minor) and THEN begin smashing walls. Full-blown tantrums can last all night long. Where's that episode?

  13. susiestar

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    yeah, I did see that episode. I cannot imagine Wiz just sitting there quietly. And to search him would have taken FAR longer. That is just to search HIM, no room searching included.

    They seemed to cherry pick the kids to be sure they had no difficult children. Or that is my impression.

    Wiz would have just walked away for the afternoon and evening - no matter where they lived. He would have been SURE that he was getting away. Would have scared the crud out of them. He also would have torn things apart to hide whatever he wanted to hide.

    And if they censored his clothes? He would go naked.

    It is interesting to see how people think they can get through to "troubled" kids when the kids are easy.

    Maybe one of us should offer up one of our difficult children for the program?
  14. DaisyFace

    DaisyFace Love me...Love me not

    My daughter, too. There would have been screaming, kicking, throwing things, nasty language and then probably running off.

    Just one? Let's give them a whole list of kids to choose from. I'd be happy to nominate mine....

  15. Star*

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    My wedding was absolutely beautiful UNTIL........

    The groom and his Mother showed up.

    THen it all went to hell ina hand basket.....
  16. Shari

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    My wedding was absolutely beautiful UNTIL........

    The groom's mother showed up.


    (had I only known, I might have picked a different groom...)

    PS, I love the redneck weddings. The strictest parents I thought was pretty lame, tho.
  17. I have watched all the strictest parents shows and are these kids troubled?

    I don't think so. If they wanted such a child, they should call me and I guess the show would last less than two days. It would be the same as the episode with Brian. He walked off the set.

    In another episode the real mother gave the "foster parents" a lecture. While the daughter (Whitney) was almost as mine would have been if we had not sent her to Michigan before it got too far, her behavior must be something the birth mom wants. So why sent the daughter to the show?

    I sense that it must have been about promoting her for a career in reality TV.

    An odd show.