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    Has anyone heard of these? Apparently they are a contraption that attaches to the wheels of the stroller so that an older child can stand between you and the stroller and you push it. They get a break from walking? Is it me, or can you see a sibling of five or six yrs old taking the little sibling on a 'skateboard' ride with this thing?

    here is a link to a listing for one:

    I don't think this is the best idea anyone ever had. There is NO way i would not have taken this and a young child for Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, or my version of it anyway.

    I know Wiz would have done it.

    problem Jess and thank you also.

    What do you think?
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    Very popular around her for a long time. Basically every family with more than one kid have had one at least fifteen years now. We already had one for difficult child. We didn't have any problems other than of course it didn't work well at winter, if new snow had not yet been cleaned well from roads. It also didn't work that well on dirt roads not at all at forest tracks. difficult child was easier to control with that than running around and of course worked well when he got tired of walking or simply decided he would not walk a feet more. Three years between them was enough that we didn't got twin strollers, like most people with two young ones. difficult child didn't like strollers any more at that point and he was very capable causing havoc also sitting in the strollers, so we went with difficult child either walking free or standing on the board. Of course there was days with me pushing strollers with one hand and trying to carry kicking, screaming and hand flinging difficult child in other armpit, but that is life when you have a baby and three-year-old (difficult child.)

    Around here people use strollers a lot. Almost all babies sleep all their day-time naps in strollers either on patio, balcony or on the move. And people just walk more in general and especially people with small children. If for example day-care-centre or play-group or other place you are going is mile away or only little more, most walk. In town buses you go free with strollers (practicality reasons, because strollers are pushed in from middle doors and it would be difficult to go to pay after that and good advertisement for bus companies), so many prefer that for driving themselves and of course then have to walk to bus stop etc. As I said, if your kids are close in age, most get twin strollers, but after older one grows out of strollers or is already close to three when younger sibling is born, most people get the strollerboard. can't remember that I had heard much anything happening with them and wouldn't consider them safety hazard at all or at least any more than about anything else. Strollers themselves are much more of a hazard.

    EDIT: Oh, and forget the 'skateboard ride', doesn't work like that at all. It doesn't stay on wheels if it's not attached to strollers and when it is attached (and especially if there is a kid on it), small kid can not easily push the strollers anywhere, it's even difficult for petite adult because you have to be so far from strollers when pushing and kid certainly wouldn't get any speed to it. And it does go only there the strollers are going and same speed. Strollers themselves of course are the different matter, easier for kid to push without a board so they get more speed, or putting your smaller sibling in and letting strollers go down the hill...
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    A lot of the dual strollers are built with a riding platform for older children. They sort of convert so that you can use the stroller for twins, or a newborn + toddler, or a toddler + older child.
    They're really common in my area too, especially for the mall-walking groups that get together for coffee-and-toddler gatherings at our local shopping centre, mommy-and-me clubs and such.

    I've never seen a toddler or older child successfully misuse one, mainly due to the physics and balance issues that SuZir mentioned.

    Now shopping carts...they're another story. Usually when I take the younger monsters to the shops with me, easy child takes Tyrannosaur in one cart, and I take Tyrantina in the other. The amount of trouble that one medium sized boy + one small boy + one shopping cart can get into in a supermarket is ASTONISHING.
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    When I was a kid, most "real baby carriages" had such a thing, simply because, well, unless you had some medical thing going on, who had only one kid? And parents actually Went Out and took their kids to playgrounds and such. :)

    OK. I grew up in a beachside resort town with a boardwalk. So maybe my experience was unusual to the rest of the US. :) But I do remember being little in the carriage, angled for "sitting up" and my brother riding behind me on the stand while Mom pushed.

    (Oh, and we put our kids in walkers when they were little. Don't report us! We screwed a 1x6 piece of wood at the top of the basement stairs so kids wouldn't go flying.)
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    I wouldn't use it. Not placed where that one is anyway, annoying to the parent trying to walk behind the stroller. My kids sometimes tried to do that with shopping carts, mom nixed that idea quick. Easier for me to have them hold on and walk along side. Does not hurt a child to walk long distances, not even a small toddler. I spent most of my childhood walking several miles at a time with grandma who walked nearly everywhere she went when she had no money for bus fair or was being especially frugal.

    nerfherder, there is nothing wrong with walkers for babies. They're perfectly safe IF they have parental supervision, which unfortunately most didn't. Mine did. They used it outside more than in the house, the only way I could think to keep them from eating every creepy crawly and blade of grass/dirt their hands came into contact with while sibs played outdoors. My kids basically lived outside during warm weather. LOL
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    Hound dog: Of course it is not harmful for a kid to walk. However it may be harmful for parent getting to work in time, if you walk two miles to day-care-centre in 3-year-old's speed. Or in our case very harmful to get in time to our playgroup (there difficult child really didn't like going) ;)

    And I have to say, that when difficult child decided he wouldn't walk a feet more, he really didn't. Not really even when 'left behind.' And of course I couldn't even try to leave him behind most of the time. He may be difficult child but he is not stupid, never was. There was some rules when we were walking somewhere. He had to stay between the stroller and brink of the boardwalk, no going to the side there the road was and no going near the ditch (there always seemed to be one of those in other side....) Now, any guesses where difficult child was running on the moment I would tell him I would leave and actually took a few steps and wasn't in grabbing distance of him any more?

    Strollerboard really made it so much easier to walk with him and easy child to places. If he got tired or walked too slow or was misbehaving, it was mostly so easy to just have him stand on the board and get moving. Those times when he absolutely refused to stand on it were luckily quite few.