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    I just moved to a new school district with my seventeen yr old son w. IEP. I requested meeting and was put off for three weeks. Finally the "team" met last week.

    I asked how they would either implement my sons current IEP or revise it and was told he would need to attend six weeks of regular classes before his IEP could be updated. I said his current IEP requires that he receive specialized instruction outside the regular classroom for at least 60% of the day and was told they put all students in regular classrooms??? I said I did not agree to this placement and asked for more details - what classes would he take? what supports/accommodations would he receive ect. I got no response.

    The director asked if he could come to school a few hours a day this week for "informal assessment" and I agreed.

    Several days later I sent team members an email describing my understanding of the content of the meeting and asking for clarification of any misunderstandings. The director responded that my understanding was not correct, that the "plan was moving forward" - what plan? and that she would only provide more information during a team meeting (which of course I can't record).

    How can I get the district to tell me how they'll follow his IEP and what his programming will be?

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    Why can't you record the meeting? Because you don't have equipment or they said you couldn't? As far as I know, they can't legally keep you from recording the meeting. If you plan on using any of the information in court, you have to let them know you are recording the meeting, but for your own informational purposes, you are allowed to record any meeting/conversation that you are a party to.

    Current law states that when you transfer schools, the current IEP needs to be followed until a new one is written, so if for whatever reason they cannot make the accommodations that are in the current IEP, they need to be doing their evaluations and setting up the new IEP with you as an EQUAL member of the team.
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    This is a district director that is blowing you off or school level people? If it is school people call the district because they are out of compliance. Do you have an educational advocate? It sure can help!
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    They can't "move ahead" with anything other than what is in the current IEP (unless there is a lack of resources where they can't) without your written authorization. Check out about all this. I would highly recommend you call the District Head of Special Education and if that is the person that is not communicating with you, call the state Dept of Education and file a verbal complaint. Find an advocate ASAP. These people are definitely out of compliance. Federal law says that a new school must follow the student's IEP to the best of their ability until another one can be written. You might want to remind them of that and show them you know the law. Find out what part of the IEP they CAN'T follow and ask for it in writing. You are going to need an advocate. Sounds like you moved into a bad district.