Student-teacher used humiliation as a motivator...

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by DramaQueenLucy, Apr 21, 2011.

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    Yesterday I lost my temper at the middle school principal. When I went to pick up Jacob from school the first thing I noticed is that he wasn't standing near his friends and was quick to jump in the car to go. This is strange because he normally is far from when the cars come in and lallygags. He hadn't been in the car a minute when he balled up his fist and slammed in down into his leg and started balling hard. I have to pry out of him what happened. Well it seems that the PE teacher has a student teacher working with him. The head teacher that was supposed to be watching this student-teacher wasn't around for some reason. This student teacher called out to the kids "Whoever is last to the finish line has to kiss 'LaPort'", thats one of the kids names. Now Jacob isn't the fastest runner and had to stop to use his inhaler, allergies are bad and they had just come in from outside. So Jacob is coming in last and all the other kids start to tease him because of what the student teacher said. This teacher does nothing but according to my kiddo was right there and heard it.

    So me being the warrior parent that I am turned right around and drove back to the school. I demanded to see the principal. After going over the story, I asked him what was going to be done? He tried to give me some **** and bull story about student teachers just learning. He didn't know just who he was talking too. I turned around and told him "my Father taught for 30 years, and he was outraged by what happened! So don't give me some **** about he is learning. Just where the heck was the PE teacher that was supposed to be watching this bully?" He had no answers. He needs to talk to the others today.

    Meanwhile Jacob was up at 1:00 in the morning. Still upset and embarrassed. He is staying home today. We already had an appointment with his medication doctor and psychologist. I'm going to see what they say about this before I choose to respond any further to the school. I'm not a happy mommy this morning.
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    Teach that student teacher a lesson he'll never forget. :mad:
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    Ohhhh, that's so sad.
    You'd think the student teacher would have noticed the inhaler, and that your difficult child was WAY behind, not just at the end of the pack.
    I guess he thought it was funny and he'd get on the kids' level. That only works with-some kids.
    Why isn't there some sort of review sheet for student teachers or substitutes that gives them a heads-up on who's who and what's what?
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    No excuse-student teacher is suppose to know the kids and a P.E teacher should know their medical issues right off. It's never the right thing to do to punish the "last" kid. There is always a last kid and the whole competition thing is way out of date! I'm so sorry for your child-please talk to this student teacher and let them know the consequences of their thoughtless actions. By this time of year they are usually on their own and the regular teacher has them take over-however this one wasn't ready and the regular teacher also needs to know what happened so he/she can remediate!
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    You go warrior mom! Just learning or not there is no reason for what the student teacher did. Hugs to Jacob this morning.
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    Good for you Lucy !!!! I hope Jacob is OK.
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    Well I just got off the phone with Jacob's PE teacher. He apologized for the students actions and said he would talk to the students supervisor about what happened. The teacher claims that right after the student said "you'll have to kiss.." that he said just kidding. I told him, I don't care it shouldn't have come out of his mouth in the first place. You are dealing with a child that has emotional problems and asthma. He said well there isn't anything more I can do. He is right there is nothing left to do but deal with the fallout. I told him that Jacob isn't in school today because he was so upset that he was up at 1:00 this morning. Also told him that I have every intention of talking to Jacob's psychiatrist and psychologist about this incident. I laid into him pretty good because he should have been there. The school at this point is running scared because they know that I have grounds. So they're trying to protect their butts.
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    It is bad enough kids tease kids, we have to have teachers teasing kids now??!!
  9. busywend

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    And how did LaPort feel about this one?? I wonder.
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    Terry, there should be some kind of list for student teachers and subs; unfortunately, due to "privacy issues," there usually isn't. That's why I stick with the same few schools, because they'll tell me what's what, and it helps me and the kids have a better day.

    There's a way to joke with the kids, and a way not to. Saying the last one has to kiss someone? Not cool.
  11. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Kiss this -


    MANnnnn I would have given anything to be there and watched that Lucy.

    Oh and as far as "There is nothing I can do?"

    Yeah well how about getting all the students that were in that class together, with that PE teacher, and the guy who said it, AND the principal, AND the SD superintendent - and having him stand up in front of all the kids and say

    "The other day I said something VERY wrong, it was inappropriate, and immature, and I appologize."
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    That's what I was wondering, I don't expect he's too happy, either. I'm sure he didn't tell his parents, but I'd bet he found it embarrassing, too. It's one thing to praise the person that really excels in a certain thing, but focusing on the person who does the worst in it (unless it's done privately with an honest and genuine offer to help them improve) does no good for anyone present.
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    I don't know anything about the other child and Jacob hasn't been really forthcoming with any more information then he has too. We did talk about it today in therapy. He is still embarrassed and admitted that he doesn't want to go back to school in fear of more teasing. I am going to go in with him tomorrow morning I want this addressed properly. The problem I am having with all this is that the class is at the end of the day...meaning that he is gonna have to go through the entire day possibly still getting teased before an apology is given.
  14. Star*

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    Bull hooey - a general assembly needs to be called first period! 8:30 am - there is where the apology is given.
  15. DramaQueenLucy

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    Well I need to go into the school again. Jacob lasted for 5 hours the kids had still been teasing. He called me so I picked him up before PE class. They need to pull all the kids from that class as well as the teacher, student-teacher, principal that is dealing with this and talk to all of them. It needs to happen first period not last. Jacob was upset again today and stressed. I feel so badly for him.
  16. HaoZi

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    I think Star was right, they should have this first thing in the morning with the whole school, I bet he did something similar in every class he taught that day.
  17. Star*

    Star* call 911

    These are the kinds of bullies Star grew up with - that's how I know. There are times when it is good to turn the other cheek, and most times that's what's best. But then there are times when you need to turn to the guy and knock his cheek off his smirky little face. This is one of those ko-kocking times and I promise you Lucy - I'd have NO reservations about calling the superintendent, AFTER I called an attorney. Years and years and YEARS of bullying in my life allowed me to be a door mat and it allowed me to allow people to walk all over Dude too. It wasn't until just about the last few years that I've been able to draw my boundaries - So when I say - THIS incident is ridiculous and an apology is absolutely necessary? I mean it. I'm not violent prone - I'm anti bully - and this wasn't just a prank that got out of hand. This was a big person picking on a little person - and THAT is bullying. With all the suicides lately regarding children who can't handle buillies I would think - no I would BET these teachers have HAD to have had some exposure to sensitivity training of some kind regarding bullying. So their excuse at best is lame. I have no pity for this adult. This is a child, a sickly child - and his outburst was uncalled for and bullying and your son is suffering from it.

  18. TerryJ2

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    Many hugs for Jacob.