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    So, yeah....hmmmmm

    psychiatrist cuts difficult child's medications cold turkey. Mmmmmkay.

    Then they start a new medication without ever asking me a single question about difficult child's history. They never spoke with his psychiatrist of 2 years. Yup!

    We won't meet with anybody for a treatment or transition or family therapy until Tues. :confused:

    Then the best part; drum roll please.........

    difficult child mentioned that they already told him he may go home Tues. or Wends. :surprise: That's 6 or 7 days past his violent assault that could/would/should have landed him in jail and 4 or 5 days after popping a new medication in his system.

    Is it me or am I maybe missing something here?;)

    All joking aside, where do I even begin to tell them what incompetents they are and that I *ahem* most certainly will not be picking him up without somewhere for him to go. how do I even tear them a new one while knowing full well they will be utterly useless should he stay? Can I refuse to sign him out without them saying he is abandoned? How can I even question the doctor who clearly has an agenda when I am not even allowed a second of their time? QUACKS.

    Maybe they just are so darned good that they can get a violent, seriously mentally ill teen stabilized in less than a week? Is it like faith healing or shock therapy? I really have to know...

    What pills are they on and can difficult child get them too?

    I am too tired to be fiesty so would be ever appreciative if you guys could help suggest those *hard* questions, the kind that will stick in their craw like "what therapy model are you following" "what is your treatment plan and is it standard to not consult the parents" and doozies like "zyprexa gets to a therapeutic level within a couple days and my violent child is now stable" I need a list to go in well armed to shred them.

    I want to give them the Spanish inquisiton, read them the riot act and pretty much go in armed with proof that I am not the typical bobble head.
  2. smallworld

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    Unfortunately, it's all about how long insurance will agree to pay to keep him in the hospital. I'm not kidding.

    And Zyprexa does work really fast, much faster than an SSRI or mood stabilizer. I'm not saying that he's "cured," but the medication can be very helpful very quickly.

    Sorry you're in such a difficult situation.
  3. Shari

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    I wish I had that magic question, but right now, I can't think of any in addition to what you have.

    Only thing I can think is to consult the police and see if they can come and help you pursuade someone.
  4. JJJ

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    I would contact the police to see if the psychiatric hospital won't keep him and you don't feel safe, would they arrest him and place him in juvy pending trial.
  5. DaisyFace

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    Yes, it is the insurance.

    Our difficult child was hospitalized for 10 days - the absolute maximum allowed. On the day we arrived to pick her up, she was having a full-blown meltdown. Screaming, crying, pounding her head against the walls - BUT since she had reached her "10-day-maximum"....they grabbed her and escorted her out to the waiting area so we could take her home.

    I wish I knew what to tell you. These funding issues sure put up some walls...
  6. Fran

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    Contact difficult child's psychiatrist and have him call the hospital doctor to help advocate for your difficult child. Discharge planning is a must for your violent child.
  7. timer lady

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    A psychiatrist can get the insurance company to extend the hospital stay if your difficult child is unstable. A discharge plan must be in place given difficult child's level of violence. psychiatrist & the entire team at the phospital need to understand the level of violence ~ don't think they aren't just as frustrated as you. It's a daily fight for them.

    In the meantime, ask hospital SW for help with a different placement ~ a step down if you will to home. difficult child must prove to the community that he will not be physically aggressive once again. A crisis plan needs to be put down on paper & all need to agree to it including psychiatrist, therapist, etc. difficult child must know that if he steps over the line you set that whatever is decided (call to 911 for transport) will happen.
  8. TerryJ2

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    Didn't they do a history during the intake?
    You just dropped him off and that was it?
    (... she asks, a deep furrow between her brows)
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    oh boy just never ends. you sound like your holding up alot better than me.

    try reaching out to a social worker there or therapist not the dr. ask and tell them

    1. how can you stop one medication with-o titrating down? i can't spell lol (to avoid any rash side effects or are you flushing out his system before you start new one??)
    2. I am afraid to have him in my home until he is stable I have young children at home and fear for our safety. that seems to get them.
    3. how long will it take for a new medication to work? suggest zyprexa like small said or seroquel it's sedatating
    4. where can i send a history of his prior medications to? (instead of saying why didnt' you ask?) yea i know i'm feeling you yet i've come to learn in this experience their backs go up qiuck and you lose them on your side.
    5. please do not communicate with-my son regarding his release date, it is too open ended for him. that should only be given to me at this point.
    6. what type of criteria has to be met or what is the protocol when a violent incident occurs in home regarding number of days in hospital and releasing.....
    7. ask them if their insane? just joking

    good luck those are my warped thoughts for the day.

    hang in there i know it bites :)