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    What is the current minimum wage? Applying for what would be a min wage job yet they're asking what is the min hourly wage I'd accept. by the way, I loathe applying for jobs online. What was so awful about the way we used to do it? omg

    This is the first time I've had them ask where the answer would be min wage because that is what one would expect, however I have to give a dollar amt.

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    $7.25/hour is the federal minimum wage, but some states or areas do have a higher minimum wage.
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    I think NJ is $7.75, but don't quote me on it.
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  5. Hound dog

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    Thanks Step, I just found it. (of course lol )


    I will mention again..................I loathe applying online. I'm going to try a few "in person" places tomorrow, I hope I have better luck that I totally blow at this online process thingy.
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    Min wage is much lower if you are in a service position where you are tipped. Min wage for waitresses, etc... is $2.13 per hour but wages plus tips should equal min wage. It is incredibly hard for a waitress/server to show that her wages and tips combined are under min wage and get compensated for the difference. I worked in a chain restaurant and some of our servers made less, but corporate flat out refused to make up the difference. Corp claimed that they were under reporting tips to scam them, and had more lawyers.

    As for online job apps, if you see an ad for the job, or even the listing of the position online at the co's website, take note of the words they use to describe the job and the qualities they want. Use those descriptive words and also use active verbs rather than passive ones. Often the computer is set up to look for certain words when it processes the applicaton. It will pull out those with those words and ignore the rest. I hope you get the job you want, and that you are very happy doing that jogl
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    Susie, reported tips are just that, reported. If a server reports their cash tips and the POS system records the charge tips, that is what the employer MUST report by law. I do payroll for our restaurant/entertainment venue. If an employer fails to take your reported tips at face value, a server can report and it is taken very seriously. The majority of legitimate businesses would never take a chance on failing to meet their state regs.

    My state actually allows the business to pay no hourly wage if reported tips exceed min wage and is the only state that makes this allowance.

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    Susie, in CA. tipped employees are entitled to the full minimum wage of $8 per hour. In San Francisco minimum wage was just increased to $10.24 per hour as of Jan. 1, 2013.