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    R is returning to school tomorrow following a suspension. I just found out today that their will be a substitute teacher in his class. This has major meltdown potential. Any suggestions for preparing him for the day. He has already missed 3 days so keeping him home isn't really an option.
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    I'm so sorry. I can sympathize. It seems that teachers being out always happens at the most awful time. Mine is having major problems for other reasons and, his teacher is out, principal and assistant principal are out. His aide has only been back from a family emergency for 2 days.

    I talked to the poor teacher covering for the principal. His vote was to try to keep difficult child as happy as possible the next few days until things get back to normal. Academics goes out the window for right now.

    difficult child 1 is still having behavior problems at school, but at least they are forewarned. Being forewarned they are much more likely to respond better.

    Could you talk to the principal and ask if difficult child could be a helper for a different teacher for a day.
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    I get that worry too. I do the same, I call when I know there are extra factors and there is a sub. I have all my teacher "info" emails addressed to three people so if any 2 are out then there is one who can get it. I am friends with one of the office worker and if I am worried they may be too busy to check email or voice mail first thing, and I know he may get off the bus in a bad state, I ask her to actually grab someone and tell them in person before the busses arrive, she always does. They take him to the sensory room first thing when I warn them like that and let him just hang out till he says he is ready. Too bad they are all out....that just is plain bad luck. Of course, if he hadn't had that suspension, there might not be such a big deal going back, sigh. Must be so hard for you and hubby knowing things could be done differently.
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    UHG! I hate sub days. But fortunately you are forewarned. Does he do any better being prepped for a sub?

    All three of my kids hate subs. son because they aren't clued in to his IEP and if they end up not really teaching, they don't let him leave the room like the reg teachers do. Last time he was forced to work in groups, so he made a bit of a ruckus, and the sub isolated him up against the wall - EXACTLY what son wanted ;) LOL

    Since you know about it, I'd talk to the principal or the sub, or both.

    Does he have an IEP? Are there provisions for him to go to a resource room or something? If he does and there aren't, ask if he can and then ask for an IEP meeting to permanently add that as an accommodation.

    Good luck to difficult child tomorrow!
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    Being a substitute teacher...don't blame the sub, ladies. The school is not allowed to tell us who has an IEP or what it says. Psychic ability is not part of the job. We don't know what your kid's triggers are, we don't know what his/her diagnosis is, because NOBODY tells us. Put it in the IEP that it is to be shared with the sub, make sure their regular teacher knows that it's all right with you if they clue the sub in, and make sure the office staff is aware that the info is to be shared. We walk into a new classroom cold every single day...we don't know who's violent, we don't know who's anxious, we don't know who's a flight risk. TELL US so we can effectively teach your children and keep everyone safe.
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    Oh I wasn't meaning to blame the sub. Even if the sub knew everything and was wonderful just the fact that its a different person would be hard for difficult child 1. Its not the subs fault at all.
  7. InsaneCdn

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    I guess that depends... on the sub in question.
    The ratio here is about 1 exceptional, 2 really bad and 7 average, out of 10 - in general, talking to other parents.

    MY kids? get about 7 bad ones... out of 10.

    What do I mean by "bad"? subs that do NOT follow what they were left for notes and instructions. The results is... long term damage to BOTH kids.

    Some of these subs went on to be reasonably decent teachers. But ROTTEN subs. Know what I mean??

    I begged the school to tell me if there was going to be a sub and we'd just keep them home... but they wouldn't work with us on that. (at least, not until we got a new principal... who turfed about half the subs from HER list... )

    NOTE to KTMom... Here, they ARE allowed to tell the sub about every single special need in the classroom. But the principal would not pay for the extra half-hour of time for a sub to review the notes... they had to walk in COLD. So really, I guess its partly ADMINs fault. But even SIMPLE instructions... like "no dodge-ball for PE" (there were valid reasons)... what happens? dodge-ball for PE. THAT's the kind of stuff that toally steams me.

    I'm still dealing with the fall-out.
  8. Wiped Out

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    We always asked that some info be shared with subs about difficult child. Now it's not so much of a big deal as he always has an aide with him.
  9. keista

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    KTmom, I'm not bashing subs at all. Of course, some are better than others. For son, just the change can trigger him, and even though he's older and more adapted it's some ways, it's getting a bit worse. He's been having a kind of sub-PTSD. Only because he's had two long term subs in his school career, and the school drags it's feet in deciding which sub will stay to fill the position, and it takes them forever to clue the sub in to the IEP, and then son doesn't know if he should form the working bond with the "new" teacher, and eventually he does, and 2 more weeks are gone from his education from floating around in "limbo" so, each time he has a sub, he's immediately concerned about how long the sub will be around. The good news is that in the past if the sub was for first period, it would ruin his whole day. Now, his "recovery time" is faster and can still function in subsequent classes. :)

    I've repeatedly requested that the school clue the subs in to son's IEP. They've repeatedly said they would, but haven't yet. I understand the logistics can be difficult. Fortunately we do have a new staff member whose sole job is to be liaison between sped kids and teachers, so I might bring her in on this topic.

    ShanDiann I hope your son has a good day today!
  10. DDD

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    I am so glad that I don't have to worry about that problem anymore. The fact of the matter, at least based on my personal exprience as a student, even easy child's often react differently to the changes that even well qualified subs bring. The whole demeanor of the day changes as soon as a "stranger' is at the head of the class. Major understanding hugs to all of you. It's a bummer. DDD
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    I never know when Carson is having a sub--oh wait, take that back, I knew once. Change is HORRID for him. He hates change. When I pick him up or when I get the call (almost always happens when a sub is there) I cringe. Not only for poor Carson but for the poor sub. I imagine she leaves for the day swearing to NEVER sub for Carson's teacher again.

    Carson doesn't have an IEP in place (yet). I guess I will see if I can type up a brief explanation of his "issues" Carson has and things she can do to minimize stress on him and on her. I will also make sure that if (when, I hope I hope I hope) he has an IEP that his teachers know they can share that info with the sub.
  12. ShanDiann

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    We Survived!!!!

    I went to the principal this morning and expressed my concerns. She agreed to pull a Teacher's assistant to put in the classroom for the day. It was a assistant R likes and who worked with him in 1st grade.

    R is currently in the testing process, so no IEP yet. He does have a BIP though.
  13. InsaneCdn

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    Can we clone your Principal?
    She sounds like a real KEEPER... actually listened, and put a reasonable accommodation in place!
  14. buddy

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    way to go principal! I love it when people really can see the big picture and be proactive. that is great. good job mommy
  15. Chaosuncontained

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    Isn't it awesome to actually have a Teacher/Principal/Asst. Principal/School Counselor who "gets" it?! I'm jealous. and Wooooooo Hoooooo!!
  16. keista

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    Most Excellent!

    Gotta love great admins!