Success Story/*Miracles do happen. difficult child is a GRADUATE!*


(the future) MRS. GERE
I tell ya, there is just nothing more wonderful than to share a moment in our lives, post about it, then wake up the next morning to see your bright and shining faces smiling or crying along with you.

Thank you so much for sharing this moment.

Rob is Rob. No telling what his next plan is because it changes frequently. Originally he was to go into an Independent Living Program with supervised housing and that kind of thing. He has decided to turn that down because he is tired of people looking over his shoulder. I can't say as I blame him....on the other hand, he maintained a D average in his Life Skills class this year so I can imagine that this could be a challenging transition. :rolleyes:

Not my problem.

He can stay at the group home until September when his funding is over. His plan is to work this summer, earn $$$ for an apt and a car. He has a girl friend and wants to stay down there to be near her. IF that plan doesn't work out, he wants to live at his girl friend's house.

LMAO---not sure if he's consulted Brittany's Mom or not. Not my problem.

As I say about everything else.....we shall see.

Thanks again. You guys are the best!

Proud MamaSuz

Sue C

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Hi Susie!

CONGRATULATIONS to Rob and you!!!!!!! Yippee!!!!! Hooray!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!! Ta Da!!!!! He did it!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome!

Hey--I know that proud moment. I experienced it with Angela. I could barely keep from bawling. Melissa kept looking at me and saying, "Stop crying, Mom!"

The one thing I was on the look-out for on that graduation day was a friend of Angela's who proclaimed he was going to go nude under his gown, then flash on the stage. I waited in horror. Guess what?! He was all hot air! Ha!

Love ya always,


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CONGRATULATIONS ROB! How wonderful. You must be so proud. I know I would be. It is a big milestone. I am so glad he made it and joined the ranks of the graduating class of 2003.I am overjoyed for you and the family. There is a shiny rainbow on your block.I wish him a lot of luck in his future!


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Suz, I read posts like yours and Fran's and wonder if I'll ever ever get there...

So you give us hope. Can you post this every day, please? LOL! I need the reminding that there is a chance my son will make it.

Congrats for working hard to get Rob through one of the toughest tests so far: high school! I would be one proud mama, too.



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Congratulations to Rob and congratulations to you also because, truthfully, you have probably worked harder to get him to this point than he has. I knew this was due, but after the experience with my difficult child, I didn't want to say anything until it actually came to pass; didn't want to jinx anything. Now he's done it and you can all celebrate.



I am happy for all of you. Especially happy he sported a silly grin as opposed to a bare a## or middle finger...

I imagine you must feel a huge weight off your chest! Kudos to all of you for the dedication it took to get to that ceremony!



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WOW!!!! WOW~!! WOW~~~~

I am so pleased and happy for you Rob.....and Suz???? God love ya, I can not imagine how wonderful you must feel, but your post gives me hope. 5 more years to go. Hope I make it!!

love Star


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Wow reading this (two in one night) and I am so thrilled! I am so touched to be part of your life and past that I could bust! Congrats to you all!

I am also pleased to see that you have detached to what he does! The best you can anyway!

You have been a great Mom to him!

Hugs, Pam