Sucess- GOOD NEWS TO SHARE (but it's VERY long)


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Martie, I can't tell you what your post means to me. I wasn't around in your darker days, but what an inspiration your story is!

My son is also "different" from everyone else. His talent happens to be in art - draws like you wouldn't believe. He's also into the goth crowd right now, and I think it's primarily to show he is a square peg trying to fit into society's round hole (thanks to 'Chelle's analogy). We've always known difficult child is different and have always encouraged his art. He would do art to the exclusion of everything else, if it were up to him. Unfortunately, our public art magnet schools require a certain average GPA before he can be accepted, so just this year he's learned the hard way that he'll have to put forth some effort academically to get what he really wants. I hope he's able to make it.

I'm just so encouraged to hear about your Mr.NO. Juilliard - my gosh what an absolute honor! I know you had dark times and it wasn't easy for any of you, but maybe now you're starting to see some payoff for your hard work. I have always said if we can just get our difficult child thru the teen years safely, he's going to be a very interesting adult with a very interesting life.

Thanks so much for sharing this. I am doing the happy dance for you and your Mr.No.


Thank you all for the good wishes.


MrNo did take the SAT but it was last fall not in regard to egbs. He has been living at home for the past two years going to a day school which is a performing arts h.s. After egbs, he went to a "regular" boarding school for one semester and hated it. He really doesn't "need" the structure of boarding school for behavioral control IF his depression is managed, so when he wanted to return to music (which does NOT leave LOTS of h.s. options) we let him fo to a day school--and it has been successful for him. Ironically, Julliard doesn't even require the SATs but Eastman and St. Olaf did. I think I remember the post--I believe I was talking about the pros and cons of different types of test prep courses. I believe in them because most kids are prepped so it is sort of unfair to those who are not--at least that it how I see it.


MrNo had never been to NYC before his audition but he liked Manhattan a lot. I was surprised how well he took to the subway system (I made him use it with me--no cabs LOL) and he got the hang of "uptown" and "downtown" as relative directions quickly. Juilliard is very self-contained: academic building with a dorm right next to it as part of the Lincoln Center complex. Still, it is at 65th a Broadway --so that's urban! For self-management sorts of things such as getting around, having street sense, etc., MrNo has not been "delayed" especially since egbs. Most kids who have been to not one, but two, boarding schools tend to adjust better than kids who have lived at home in their own room for 18 years before going to college in my opinion--my easy child being a prime example. She did NOT expect to be homesick freshman year but she was--and then couldn't admit it because she is Ms. Independent. Sophomore year has been much better for her and she is quite happy, both with Wellesley and the thought that she will have her little brother to visit in Manhattan :wink:

Thank you for asking



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Martie, it is just wonderful to remember your/MrNo's struggles and see the payoff (that doesn't sound exactly right but you get my drift). There were many dark days. I remember them well. I am just thrilled for you and MrNo.....and Juilliard to boot! WOW!!!

Here's to all of you. Hip Hip Hooray!!!

Big hugs,


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How awesome! That is such a great thing! That gives us hope, that's for sure! I needed to hear such good news! I'm proud of both of you for working so hard!! Congratulations!!


What a success story!

we had to remember that his life is not about D's in English, it is about what he wants to do with his life.
An excellent thought to keep in mind.

Thanks for sharing. It gives us hope.



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We have been teetering on C- in English and it has been hitting your head against a wall and I have come to the realization that trying to be good in all areas is not the goal but recognizing and working on your strengths and interests is what it's all about and doubly so for difficult child.
I am heartened by your difficult child's development via your guidance and ending up at Julliard. What an awesome achievement.


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That is an awesome story, and quite breathtaking. You have done a wonderful job -- a true warrior mom!!

Thank you so much for posting this.

Love, Esther


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Martie, thank you so much for posting.

Wow. What a wonderful story of success! For you and for MrNo.

I love good stories...



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What an absolutely uplifting post. I too remember your struggles and how much you also helped me when Justin was going thru so much.

Please tell Mr. No and I hope leads him right where he is supposed to be...and it sounds like it is starting to.



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Martie, another heart-felt "thank you" for showing us some hope. I didn't know about the archive thread on success stories; obviously the "Mr. No goes to Juilliard" will qualify.

I am thrilled for both of you that your Mother's Instinct was right on target.


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Being one of those who does indeed remember the very, very dark days of MrNo, your struggles and successes, I was so very happy to see this post. Martie, you fought long and hard for your son and it looks like it has all come together.

May he thrive at Julliard and have a long, successful career in music.

I am so happy for you and yours.