Suck The Fun Out With a Big, Fat Straw! :)


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Hey, forgot to share that husband and I are headed to Southern California next week for a while for a family gathering for a combo celebration -- a wedding, a birthday and our 25th wedding anniversary! BIG fun! I love husband's family! They're wacky and they do have drama (even difficult child kinds of drama)......but man oh man are they fun! So, we're hitting Disneyland and, I'm tellin''ve never seen a more energetic and silly bunch of 50- and 60-yo's livin' large at Disneyland! Wooo hooo!

And might I just point out that our life will be mega fun for the next few weeks in football frenzy. Our Seahawks are in the play-offs (homefield advantage....GO HAWKS!), so we're hoping for Super Bowl #2 ring! And our Oregon Ducks (husband's and my alma mater) just clobbered FSU last night, so we're on to the BCS Championship Game! GO DUCKS! Quack Attack!

Yes, our difficult child is still AWOL. Nope, no clue where he is or what he's doing. Yes, it's probably not good. Yes, I think about him near-daily. Yes, I worry about him. But I'm learning better to give my worry to God (the Universe, Higher Power....whatever name one wishes). Yes, I love him and hope he's safe (skeptical he's safe). Yes, difficult child will, most likely, always have his difficulties. So it's up to ME to create, agree to, and savor the joy in my own life.

Sooooo....... Tick, tock, tick, tock.........If not NOW, then when?

Whether it's family or football, I'm following husband's lead and sucking the FUN out of every opportunity with a big fat straw! Thank you, husband, for showing me how to do that....especially when I don't always want first!

As I'll be off this site for at least a couple of weeks, I just want to wish you all the best. I feel your hearts in your posts and I greatly, GREATLY (yep, merited CAPS!) respect, admire, and appreciate how much you all teach me! And my prayers are there for all of you and your difficult child's in all things....

Take care and I'll catch y'all on The Flip Side!

Tanya M

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Wishing you safe travels and as much fun as you can possibly suck out that straw!!! (cracked me up)


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You sound great! I love the doing Disney World with the fifty and sixty year olds part. Love the appreciation for husband and your own decision to have this time with both hands and all the joy and energy in you.


I have been reading about limbic pathways, and about the way how we typically respond is how we will typically respond. A conscious choice to change the emotional tone of our responses can change those responses over time, is pretty much what it said. So, I have been monitoring my own "go to" response. Sure enough, it is something scary and dark and overwhelming. And every time I go there?

I believe it.

So I am going to work on changing that limbic pathway.

I love it that you are reclaiming your right to yourself.

Cool beans.

I'm next.

See you on the other side.



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Cedar -- Yep, that limbic system rewiring really works! Takes time, but not as long as I thought it would.....every single action (including words and posts here) to rewire is helpful -- right away! And, yeah....50- and 60-yo's at Disneyland....... husband's sis and her hubby are 65 (it's her b-day) and they run us ragged with their raw fun energy (really, not kidding)...they live large and we love 'em! :D

That's the ticket.........some day we all meet up at Disneyland (or World) and all whoop it up together! Boooyah!

Thank you all for your well wishes and know that I send mine right backatchy'all! :D Flip Side!