suggestion for a bread recipe that does not include white flour?

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    I use a basic white bread recipe to make just about all the bread we eat. It's simple to make and it only costs a dollar a loaf to produce.

    I keep hearing that white flour is practically "nutritionally offensive." When we were eating store-bought bread we enjoyed trying all different grain mixes.

    Any suggestions for a recipe that uses easily available ingredients, but includes no white flour at all?
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    I would do a search on . I do know that when one relative went on the Atkins plan they made a bread with soy flour.
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    I use whole wheat pastry flour (lighter texture than whole wheat). I get it at health food store. Sallie
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    also try
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    I ended up using a recipe that was a mix of flours; white with whole wheat - and that's a good place to start. It also had a little bit of plain yogurt in it. The recipe was from Taste of Home; one of my favorite cooking and baking resources and can be found at

    As I generally do, I added an egg to the recipe and reduced the liquid called for by a couple of ounces. I also used cooked bulgar wheat soy cereal in place of the wheat germ, because it was what I had on hand.

    We had some of the bread as toast this morning - it was fantastic. Part of the reason I bake my own bread is that it saves money and I can vary the ingredients to suit our tastes.