Suggestions for community service?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Shari, Dec 31, 2007.

  1. Shari

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    difficult child 2 (keep in mind he's 5) wants to do a "community service" type project. He was in a skit in the Christmas program at school, where the kids discussed the real meaning of Christmas and what they could do to make it better for those less fortunate.

    difficult child 2's line was "we could sing carols at the hospital". So now, he wants to do something at the hospital to help the people there.

    Any ideas what a 5 year old can do? We don't have a hospital in town, but we do have a nursing home.
  2. Star*

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    He can read to them.

    He can plant flowers in the spring.

    He can buy bird feeders at the dollar store and seed and you can hang a feeder in a tree outside an elderly persons window so they can see the birds

    He can draw them pictures and 'deliver' them to each one. Or color pages out of a coloring book.

    If they allow fingerpaints - he can have them ink their hand and he ink his and then sign his name and let them keep it.

    He can come and have lunch with an elderly person and conversation.

    - If there is an animal shelter

    He can volunteer to unfold newspapers for the bottoms of kennels
    He can volunteer to walk the small child friendly dogs (you would have to go too)
    He could fill bowls with food
    He could fold towels (they aren't really picky about that)

    I think it's wonderful that he's touched with a giving spirit.

    For the homeless -

    He could get a wagon and go door to door collecting coats for them. And blankets

    You could check with a food bank - again - he could do a food drive, paper a box and make a flyer and then collect the boxes.

  3. skeeter

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    as far as the nursing home, he can just go and visit. Honestly, it would certainly brighten anyone's day just to have a child come and visit.

    Is there a neighbor that may "need" a little help - bringing in the empty garbage can (full may be a bit much for a 5 year old) bringing in the mail, planting flowers, raking leaves? Most of those would be possible for a 5 year old (maybe with a little supervision).
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    I was thinking about the nursing homes and having him going to eat with someone...or asking if they would allow him to take his doggy to visit outside with someone in the summer.

    Im pretty sure most nursing homes would love to have a little one come visit because so many of the elderly dont get many visitors.
  5. DavidWH

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    A memory I carry deep is when I was young we went one time a month and visited nursing homes all I remember is those huge smiles on the elderly folks.. at 5 years old .. it would seem to almost be like visiting Grandma/Grandpa many times over.. they would love him to death
  6. klmno

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    I second Star and everyone else- my difficult child had to do community service for school (rules were lenient and I didn't really think he should have gotten it to begin with). Anyway, community service is not a bad thing for anyone. We explored picking up garbage from a park, helping a family do yardwork who had health problems (yours is too young for this), and he planted seeds in small pots, labeled them (there were 10 different kinds), watered and took them out for sun until they sprouted and delivered them to two assisted living compelxes today. The most rewarding thing was seeing the elderly (mostly alzheimers (sp)) smiles and the activities director seemed so happy and wanted his address to send a "thank you" card, even though I told her he had to do this community service. difficult child has been in scouts and done this sort of thing before, but he still seemed proud.
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    If nothing else, McDonald's is collecting the tabs from the top of soda cans. The tap is a better quality of aluminum, so they get more $$ for it. Proceeds go to Ronald McDonald House.

    Your son can make a simple craft and give it to people waiting in the hospital waiting rooms. Jess made a TON of Christmas Mice one year - see Family Fun website - and did this. We had to be at Children's hospital in Cincy for a second hernia. She gave them to anyone looking sad that she walked by in the hospital. Several adults PAID her (NOT asked for) and she donated this to a collection in our town for a child who had cancer.

    I think it is wonderful. Everyone who can should do community service. Even just picking up trash from the street or playground helps.

  8. Sue C

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    What if you just call the nursing home and ask what your 5 yr old could do there (with your assistance)?

    When Melissa was 4 years old through about 10 years old, she used to visit an elderly neighbor couple several times/week. (the wife was a shut-in) She took over pictures she had colored for them. She sang and danced for them. She stood on her head for them (one of her favorite things to do when she was 4). She just plain made them smile. They told me they loved her visiting. And they told her stories about when they were little.

    That is so nice your child wants to do something. :smile: