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    I've been taking omega-3 pills for a few months (about 300 mg -- try to take daily; also take one 81 mg aspirin a day) and notice my knee joint pain has subsided a bit; as well, I feel a little less anxious. I would like to buy more (just ran out) and am open to suggestions about what others might recommend, i.e., ratio-wise for EPA, DHA, etc. Thanks in advance! :D

    by the way, I know both aspirin and omega-3 are anticoagulants so must be careful; should probably talk to a doctor about taking at the same time.
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    My chiropracter did a lot of research and she has her patients taking these Mercola Krill Oil capsules. They're a lot pricier than over the counter but I had trouble with the OTC brands dissolving and regurging within a few hours. I absolutely loathe the taste of fish and was avoiding taking them for that reason. I've never had any problems with these.

    The website is difficult to read but here's the product info. They come in kid sized too.
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    Thanks so much for the information. I went to the website, read about the product, and the claims sound very promising. Even though it is pricey, they claim a smaller dose of their product/less capsules are needed when compared to taking fish oil, as far as absorption goes. All around, it sounds good -- they claim many benefits.
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    I am reading "The UltraMind Solution" by Mark Hyman, MD. He recommends taking 1,100 mg of fish oil twice daily that has a ratio of EPA/DHA 300/200.
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    Thanks, fairlyoddparent!
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    I've always really liked the Carlson brand.

    It is expensive though.

    Recently, husband and I noticed Walgreens Finest...One a Day seems fairly good. They often have buy one, get one free sales.

    A good friend of mine says it is a good idea to take advantage of products you can buy with omega three in them. Example: The omega 3 eggs, etc. If you are going to buy peanut butter...consider Smart Balance, etc.

    Mercola...good information. It's hard to say for sure, but my guess is you can get very similar products cheaper than ones he might sell.

    I have read one or two of the books by Mark Hyman...really good stuff as well!
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    Thanks for more good information, Nomad! I still have to decide what to buy. I also need to re-do my diet and get a physical. I am middle-aged and somewhat overweight with a not so great family hx, cardio-wise.