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    difficult child's teeth are in horrible shape. I have spent a fortune over the years, but dentists only take care of two caveties at a time and his would multiply between visits. Top that with a broken front tooth from hockey and a missing front molar, crooked bottom teeth, and well...his mouth looks awful. While he was actively using for the past two years, it was impossible to get him seen; he wasn't here enough.

    I made an appointment. today with a dentist who also does cosmetic work---I estimate about $15,000 dollars worth of work needs to be done or he will lose all of his teeth to decay and gum disease. He is no longer insured, but we are willing to pay cash to get this taken care of now. Well, we get there, difficult child goes back, the assitant asks questions, talks about procedures, he has a panic attack and leaves. I'm in the restroom and he calls crying. He says he is not comfortable with anyone looking at his mouth because he is so embarrassed. I go out and try to reason with him.

    This dentist thing has always been an issue===when he was 8 our family dentist asked not to bring him back! I can't drug him to get him there---he's an addict whose drug of choice is xanex! Help??? Ideas?? Do I just give up and let them rot out???
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    My son has a phobia about going to the dentist. He hasn't had a cleaning in about 2 years. We consulted the dentistry department at the Children's Hospital in our city. He's going to get general anesthesia in August to have an MRI, dental cleaning and X-rays, overdue immunizations and blood work. Would that be an option for your difficult child?

    Another idea is nitrous oxide (laughing gas). Is it possible for an addict to use that?
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    We used chloryl hydrate one time when Jamie was young for a dental procedure. Dont know if that would be ok for an addict or not.

    How bout hypnosis?
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    Ask around. There are usually patient dentists that specialize in people that are fearful of going to the dentist.
    Also, see if you can get him in to see a pediatric dentist. That might help his fears.

    I always have trouble hearing people dislike going to the dentist. I would go every month if I could!!! I love it!
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    Thanks for the advice ladies. I'm still in a quandry over this. He desperately wants it done, he's just scared and embarassed about the way they look and doesn't want people to see....but they can just looking at him...