Summer activities...anyone heard of Monkey Joe's?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DammitJanet, Jun 9, 2011.

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    I may be the last person on earth to have heard of this place so if I am repeating old news, just smile and nod at me like I am senile but I thought I would pass this on.

    I am sitting in this awesome place right now typing to you guys! Its called Monkey Joe's and its an indoor play place NOT a pizza joint. It has bounce houses and bouncy slides and its for 12 and under. They have really good security and they keep it well run here. We have to wear ID bracelets. Doors are locked. Kids and parents are checked when they leave. TV, internet, wifi, you name it. ITS GREAT!

    AC those hot days. You can even get a summer pass. Its not expensive either. I paid 8 bucks for the entire day for Keyana and adults are free. Not a bad deal.

    They have them all over the country from what I can tell on the internet. If you havent checked or heard of a google and see if you have one might save your sanity this summer.
  2. AnnieO

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    That sounds really cool... I will have to check!
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    Sounds fabulous! When we lived in Cincy for a while there was a place like that. A quiet area with comfy chairs, tv, drink holders, etc... for parents, they did sell food but not the main point, tubes like the McDonald play area, ball pits, bouncy things, all for kids to play in, with lots of staff, lots of disinfectant bottles (ball pits are completely and totally GROSS - you do NOT want to know how many times those balls have been peed on and not washed, or how many diapers, wet underwear, etc... are down in the bottom!!), and tight security. I hated when the place closed.

    I will look to see if they have them in the big cities. thank you is still young enough and would love it. Mostly he asks to go to the science museum for kids that is here.
  4. DammitJanet

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    Well we stayed for almost 5 hours and I had to drag her There isnt any ball pits in this place and I havent seen one in a public place anywhere in years...probably because of just what you describe Susie. This place does sell things like drinks, candy, ice cream and some small toy stuff like you would trade in tickets for at the Big Rat but they are priced at very reasonable a plastic ruler is 39 cents. Other things are more or less. I know I got a large diet coke for the same price I would have a McDonald's and Keyana got a rice crispy bar that cost a dollar and it should have come to 1.07 but she only had her dollar in her hand and they didnt make her come get me for the tax. I thought that was pretty cool of them. I did go up later and give them the money but still...I was really amazed that they did that.

    Now this place was loud. At least in this location, the thing is one big open warehouse type thing and the bounce things are arranged all around the walls and down the middle. The chairs and tables are located towards the front and back. Music is playing and kids are laughing and yelling. Its a happy Didnt bother me a bit.