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    so we went to a summer camp fair at the Marriot after church> The flyer said free gift to 1st 100 people, how could I resist? Woo hoo a box of crayola crayons. But we went through and as difficult child II collected free pencils, slushies, popcorn, dum dum pops and stickers aka "junk", I asked my ?. And the response seems to always be unanimous :
    "do you work with special needs children" I ask
    "what kind of special needs" they ask
    "BiPolar", I respond
    "ummmmmm, maybe, I would have to check, probably not" seems to be the regular response, even from the "special needs" camps, sigh................

    It's so frustrating, there's nothing for these kids, not until they get in trouble, and then they get something all right, but it's not summer camp! :not_fair:
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    As long as I think my difficult child is stable (not a danger), I sign him up for summer camp or whatever and list medications he's on and answer whatever other questions are on the form. I've never had anyone call and ask about it or refuse him. Although I have noticed that if he misbehaves the least little bit, they call and say he's got to take a day or week away from the program- I have wondered if they jump to that quickly because that's the first they read the form and they got scared.
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    Arg! That would be hard. How old is he?
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    That sounds so unfair :not_fair:

    The last few years my difficult child has been going to summer day camps with no real problems but they did make a few mods for him.

    This will be the first year, because of age, that he can't do that camp. I'm hoping to find some this year for him and hope we don't run into the problems you are running into.
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    I would love to have difficult child go to camp, even a day camp. He would be ok, but at the same time he would be very difficult to manage and he'd be relearning to do all the behvaiours we have been working so hard to stop... I also just don't feel right making someone else cope with all his "specialness" *sigh* - they need that full time EA at school and I don't see them having that for him at camp. I'd send him to summer camp if I could go with him... Right now he goes to Cubs but either husband or I stay with him and husband attends all the camps with him. They plan to make husband a leader so that he's "official".
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    I agree.....VERY frustrating. I've tried 2 different camps over the past 2 summers.....both "said" they could/would work with her disabilities & both failed. She was dismissed from both camps. By law in Ohio, they all have to accept children with disabilities. But, if the child is "too much work requiring one on one" or "disrupts the normal day", they have the right to dismiss the child. I have only found 1 camp locally for special needs children....1 week camp only...difficult child loved it!!! I think she felt like she fit in. The other camps I found were over 40 minutes away & up to $1300 a week to attend! Not quite able to swing or the $$$$. Anyway, I continue to search & hope to find something for this summer.....somehow. I keep saying "there HAS to be something out there for these children"!
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    I know of a great not for profit overnight camp in New York State that accepts children with all kinds of disabilities. As long as your child's medications can be given during the three times per day camp medication schedule, medications of all types are fine.

    Even though it is a not for profit camp, it is still very expensive!!! However, you have the option of two, three, five, or six week stays. We sent difficult child 1 there and he absolutely loved it!!! We were shocked!!!

    Unfortunately, we can no longer afford this camp. difficult child 1 is too old anyway. If I had the money, I would definitely send difficult child 2. If you're interested in finding out more about this camp, send me a pm. WFEN
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    Hi! We don't need summer camps because the 3 difficult child's are in 12 month school programs. HOWEVER:

    1. Call your local Department of Developmental Disabilities, they can help.

    2. Check with some of the child advocacy programs. We have Community Resources, The Jewish Board of Children and Family Services, etc. here on the island and they have a variety of programs available often at no cost to you. Try looking for government funded programs - they really help.

    3. Check with your local school district (stop it! I can hear some of you laughing from here!). SOME of them can be helpful.

    It seems that if you look on the web for a particular type of services rather than Spec. Ed summer programs, you can have a lot more luck. For example: rather than typing in "Special Needs Summer Programs", try "Equestrian Intervention Therapy". The more specific, the more hits you'll get.

    Let me know if this helps!