Summer Camp for kids with special needs

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    We are searching for a camp for our difficult child to attend this year, preferably a sleep-away camp with an adventure program. The trouble is, whenever we have tried to send him to camp in the past, he has gotten himself kicked out in the first couple days. I need to find a place that understands our kid's issues and can work with them rather than just allowing the to sabatoge the program and get sent home.

    Any ideas?
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    I'm sending my difficult child to camp this summer but he's never been there b4 so I don't know what their tolerance level is. I'm actually not worried about him getting kicked out ... just being very hyper and impulsive. It's an ADHD camp in N.C. and very expensive (gulp). I can let you know afterward, but that's all I can do to help.
    Good luck!
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    I found a great sleep-away camp located in New York. To my knowledge, it is still the only not-for-profit camp that is specifically for kids with mental disabilities and or autism, who are on medication. Even though it is a not-for-profit camp, it is still very expensive!!!

    difficult child 1 spent several weeks there and actually enjoyed it!!! We sent him back for an additional session the following summer. The camp is listed on the site that 4sumrzn provided. I don't think I'm allowed to mention any names here, but if you're interested, send me a pm. I'm happy to give you more details. WFEN
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    J..... Camp here in Indiana is a good one, my difficult child has gone for 2 years and even when she climbed a tree to escape teasing they kept her there. It is a camp for special needs kids and they do fees on a sliding scale according to your income. Only thing I don't know is if they take out of state kids.
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    TerryJ2, can I have the name of the camp you are using this year? NC isn't that far from us and it may be worth looking into. Thanks.
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    If there is a JCC or YMHA near you, check them out. Several near me (suburb of NYC) have special needs day camps and for older kids, a sleep away program. My daughter is trying to get a job there as a counselor. I know kids who have gone who have been ADHD and/or Aspergers or both. They don't take kids who are violent and who can't be controlled verbally or by modelling, but my friends whose kids have gone have loved it.