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    Well husband decided that he needed a break and sent difficult child 14ss to his mothers for the month of june.. He was to start day treatment when school ended. (reminder we had a major disaster with day treatment) He thinks it is more important for us to have a break. This goes against two therapist sugg and the psychiatrist. Who all say difficult child does not need a regular summer he needs to work on his issues and find alternative solutions before school starts next year.

    I am frustrated. I think we are just wasting time. difficult child is estatic cause he goes to disney world (moms house)

    He refused to study for finals made a 28 on one. did not do a report that was his final so he got a zero there. He managed to pass his TAKS testing. He thought that that secured his placement in 9th grade. I feel bad for him. He now is looking at repeating the 8th grade and is mad at us....(we havent got the final report cards yet)

    I dont really need any advise...really just venting..........
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    So sorry! Typical difficult child thinking, he may have to repeat 8th grade and is mad at you for it!

    I hope things get better soon. ((hugs))
  3. I hope it gets better soon for you. How frustrating!


  4. dirobb

    dirobb I am a CD addict

    Thank you ladies....

    On a different note..difficult child's bio took him to his psychiatrist appointment today...and is going to meet us at the therapist office on fri....should be interesting.