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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Malika, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. Malika

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    I hope people have managed to get some summer R and R. I think your schools go back quite early there, in August is that right?
    Just thought I'd give a quick update. I'm still in sweltering Marrakesh - 49 degrees today - and J has spent the last 3 weeks with my ex-husband and family. He sounds happy and well, my ex-husband says he has been mainly good. So all to the good. Apparently he is now communicating in Arabic... how quickly it happens for children! My ex-husband is driving him down to me on Wednesday and Saturday we will leave for the long drive back.
    It's become clear to me that I'd like to return here to live, when and if we can. J needs family and needs to grow up feeling Moroccan and connected to them. And I've felt strangely at home here over the past weeks, despite the crushing heat. Finally made my peace with Morocco!
    How has your summer been?
  2. TerryJ2

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    Hi, thanks for the update!
    Glad you feel connected to Morocco. I'm sure once you smell the food cooking and see the familiar terrain and houses, it all comes back. :)
    I'm SO glad that difficult child has been mostly good for your ex. What a relief. And you've been getting much needed r&r.
    I would check out special needs help before you move back, so you don't end up driving or taking public transportation halfway across the planet once you return.

    So far, August has been mostly good for us. June and July were the worst I ever, ever remember. You can backdate on this board and the WC if you need more info.

    Right now, I'm baking potatoes, and will be making steak for dinner, because husband does not eat red meat and he tends to work late on Mondays. And easy child is back in college. difficult child LOVES steak.
    He's still got an attitude, but he's somewhat better, overall.
  3. TeDo

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    Glad things are going well for you. I've been wondering how you've been doing. At first, I thought you were planning on moving back JUST so J could be near family etc. I'm glad it's your desire too. If it's mutually beneficial, then it is meant to be. Like Terry said, how do Moroccan educators handle kids with J's "issues"?
  4. Malika

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    Well, to be honest, can't be much worse than France, lol. No, that's not fair - it's not a total desert in France, far from it. Just schools are so bad at ADHD and still hardly anyone's heard of it. Here in Marrakesh it's not great, of course, in terms of schools and people's understanding - but there is a doctor who specialises in ADHD who works in one of the hospitals here, he gives conferences and so on. Some French people in terms of therapists, psychologists, etc. Less good on sport though it does exist if you seek it out.
    Sorry you had such a rough June and July, Terry. No, I haven't read about it yet. Enjoy your steak and potatoes and thank god for small improvements and mercies, I suppose.
  5. Ktllc

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    Glad to hear you and J had some good moments in Marocco.
    Lots to decide in the near future. You probably don't need tons of therapeutic help, one good doctor would be enough. Could you set up an appointment with the one you mentioned? It might help you decide. Like you said, you don't have much help where you currently live anyway. One is more than what you have right now.
    Having J's Dad nearby would also give you some respite every now and then. Certainly a big bonus (besides the obvious: J having his Dad on a regular basis).
    You need to list the good and bad points of each option... not an easy task.
  6. Malika

    Malika Well-Known Member

    Yes, meeting the doctor (things change, he may not even be in post there any more) is a good idea.

    I should have made it clear that this idea of returning to Morocco is all dependent on my getting British nationality for him. I made the application a couple of months ago and they say it can take up to six months to hear.

    If I am not successful, I would not return here with J just having Moroccan nationality - a complete nightmare every time you want to travel (have to apply for visas each time, a great paper chase) and it would block him in Morocco in the future. To get French nationality, you have to be resident for five years and we have only been there for two and a bit so... Staying in France would then be the only option.

    So it's in the lap of the gods, as they say. As for my ex-husband, he is planning to go and live in Europe for a while as he has had no work in Morocco for months because of the recession! So who knows where he will end up and for how long. But it's the family that's so important to J, not just his dad. It just became very clear to me this trip... if we can, this is where J should grow up. This is his home. And, in a funny way, mine too.
  7. buddy

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    Oh wow, sure hope it goes your way. Just sounds complicated if not and more importantly your gut is saying it is right to live there for both of you. Can't wait to hear abt. J's adventures. It is amazing he is already using Arabic. Very cool.

    Crossing my fingers for you! Luv, Dee