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    Summer is almost here and I thought it might be a good idea to share what is challenging about summer in terms of healthy living and what is easier.

    For me the challenges of summer are things like pot lucks and more traveling where I don't have as much choice in choosing what to eat. One thing I do is try to travel with a few of my staples like my own cereal and my Fiber One bars. That way I'm sure I'm getting at least some of my usual nutrition.

    In some ways summer is easier for me than the rest of the year. I can eat a later breakfast which takes away the need for a mid-morning snack that I have during the school year. Also there is no lounge loaded with goodies because I'm at home. It's easier for me to fit in the health club as well because my schedule is so much more open.

    Other thoughts?
  2. gcvmom

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    I actually find it easier to eat healthier during the summer, especially if I'm traveling because when dining out I can order something to fit MY needs instead of when I have to cook for the rest of my family that, with the exception of husband, doesn't have to worry about what they eat and doesn't really LIKE much of the health-conscious stuff I will eat.

    I like that there are more economical options for fresh fruit and veggies in the summer. It's hot, so I tend to want to eat lighter anyway. And the less stressful pace of life makes it easier to plan out healthier meals at home for everyone.

    I also have more time for appealing forms of exercise, like hiking, the beach, bike riding, etc.
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    With so many more fresh fruits and veg in season during the summer, I find that it's much easier to make healthy choices for meals and snacks.

    Also, the days are significantly longer, so it's easier to find time to fit in a bit of exercise.

    With the type of work I do, the pace doesn't change significantly from winter to summer. If anything, it's busier because so many people take vacations and I often take up the slack. (Great for me since, as a contract worker I don't get vacation pay or benefits, so the extra work time puts more in the bank)