Sunday...we're up two accidents, down two cars...

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    Last Tuesday afternoon, a bus stopped short and a lady in front of difficult child stopped short. difficult child hit the brakes and they locked up, slid on the wet pavement and she smashed into the back of the lady's car. The lady told difficult child that it was all her fault, not to worry about things and then zipped off before difficult child could even realize that she was standing in the middle of the road. The bus left too. The accident smashed her hood, her driver side quarter panel, and front bumper, as well as her driver side signal light and split open her radiator. H bought all after market parts for roughly $300 and tried to fix it on Saturday but ended up busting the new radiator - he's hoping to fix it all tomorrow. Oy.

    This morning, about 6AM, I received a phone call from a shaken easy child. Last night we had a wild wind and rain storm - many pine needles and leaves were blown off trees. It seems easy child was taking a turn on her way to work this morning and her tires lost traction. She spun around twice and then flew off the road down into a ravine, but before finally landing, her car rolled over and landed upside down. easy child was pulled from her seat sideways and stretched across the car - no airbags. All the windows blew out and the windshield was crushed, thankfully the roof was not. She climbed out of the car and climbed in the mud up to the road. A man had been coming from the opposite direction and pulled over...I'm sure he probably had to change his shorts when he got home this morning...and was standing in the road calling out to easy child. He also called the cops. He let easy child use his cell to call us. It was an ugly, horrifying scene to see your kid's care upside down in a ditch. I just ran up to the firemen and asked, "where's the girl who was driving that car?!" and easy child came out of the cruiser and into my arms. I'm just so thankful that easy child walked away with just a few achy spots and a wicked bruise and scraped cheekbone. Other than that - it's amazing she wasn't injured. And after all the meningitis scare and kidney infection last week, this just about put me over the edge. As soon as we got home, I smudged her and all of us, the house, etc.

    So, now neither of them have a working car really. *Hopefully*, H will get difficult child's car up and going tomorrow. Really, please pray. And easy child's boyfriend's dad is lending her his little truck, so she's okay for this week. But we're in dire straights here, not equipped to handle any financial emergencies right now. I have to come up with difficult child's other half of tuition in a week ($850). I called exh and asked him to please send me some money - whatever he has - but he's not even working!

    But you know what? I just KNOW that everything is going to work out. easy child asked me why I wasn't worried or freaking out trying to come up with a plan (my usual M-O). And I just feel okay; there is a calm around me. I think it's all going to be okay. I hope I'm not just imagining it, but I believe that it's all going to work out and easy child will get into some car and difficult child's car will get her through the winter and it will just be okay. I don't know how, but I know. I walked through this day so at peace and happy. I aired out my house, burnt a few candles in thanks for keeping my girls safe and just went about my business. Our neighbor, an elderly single man, invited us over for dinner tonight so H and I went and we had such a nice easy conversational dinner. H was bored towards the end and tired too, but we stayed on a little longer. It was nice.

    easy child, difficult child and their respective bfs ordered out together. easy child thinks difficult child's boyfriend is wierd, but she thinks everything and everyone around difficult child is wierd so that's nothing new. Oh, and difficult child got her nipples pierced last night. Yay! I can't believe she defaced her beautiful, youthful breasts. I'm so disappointed she did that. What a day.
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    I'm so glad that both of your girls are okay... that really makes the cars seem less significant.
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    Holy Cow!! So glad that they all were ok. I can't imagine that scare. Sending hugs.

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    I am thankful the girls are both OK. It must have been very scary to see easy child's car upside down.

    I am glad you are calm, the fretting and worrying doesn't accomplish much. It really WILL all be OK. the kids are OK, and that is what matters.

    Hugs to all of you!

  5. Andy

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    OMG - I am so glad they are both safe.

    The bus driver and other driver should not have driven away without approval from a police officer. Did difficult child get the lady's name and phone number?

    Those crushed cars are awful. My sister and her husband where in an accident that totaled their car. The workers at the salvage yard asked the worker bringing the car in if anyone lived. I know I would have freaked out if I saw the car without knowing my sister and brother in law were alive and would be fine.

    Is there any insurance on easy child's car to provide funds for another vehicle?

    I am so glad that there is a calmness around you. I am sure it is becasue they are both safe and you know the rest is such low priority over your children's health. Let us know how this problem is solved.
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    OMG! Glad everyone's all right.
  7. Hound dog

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    After all that..........I wouldn't give a second thought to the cars. I'd just be too darn thankful my kids are ok. OMG

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    OMG. That is my worst nightmare and you had two in two days. Thank goodness everyone is ok.

    It will be ok. The fact that nobody was injured is a sign that it will all workout.

    You have so much strength to deal with this and be calm. OMG...I would be hugging the heck out of my kids.
  9. Jo,

    So sorry to hear about the accidents, but so glad to hear that everyone is ok - and the damage is to cars , not people.

    Sometimes this type of thing can be a real eye opener for young drivers. I hope that it works out that way.

    Take care,
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    Pretty scarey! Glad everyone's okay....except for difficult child's chest....ICK!
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    Oh, Jo, OMG.
    How scary. Rolling, and out of the car? She is so lucky.
    I think you are calm because you know both your kids are okay and that's what makes everything all right. :)
    by the way, your easy child will be very sore in the next few days. Those kinds of accidents creep up on you, in reg. to muscle and nerve injuries. I would have her see a dr just to document it.
    Did your difficult child happen to get any lic #s? I bet the kids are busy telling one another their stories!
    Best of luck with-the cars. I'm glad your husband can fix one.
    Many hugs.