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  1. AmericanGirl

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    I added a title of Sunday because I simply couldn't bare typing what this Sunday is...know what I mean?

    I'm struggling with it and I know many of you are too. While I am grateful my difficult child is sober this year and does choose to call at least once a day, I still remember all the times he ignored me on holidays, celebrations, etc. It is so disappointing, embarrassing, heart-breaking.

    Whether everyone remembers at your house - or nobody does - I want to say what an honor it is to know you. You are such fine women - such loving, supportive lioness mothers. If the world had more like you...well, it would be an amazing place.
  2. Nancy

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    And I am honored to know you AG and travel this very difficult road with you. Even though he is sober you still carry the scars and the worry about tomorrow. When my difficult child was sober I was on pins and needles all the time. I hope this year builds on his sobriety and those bad memories become more distant.

    I will say a prayer for all the moms here tomorrow and wish you all a day of peace, if just for a day.

  3. Calamity Jane

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    You're a doll. With all your worries, you reach out with grace and send kind thoughts to others. I'll be thinking of you and all our other moms tomorrow. It's one more holiday that we have to "get through" - I guess. Better days are comin' - don't you forget it.
  4. pinevalley

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    Thank you for posting this AG. I am having a hard time this weekend, since I won't be able to see my son at all. Today my difficult child should be going to his senior prom, and I am so sad that he is missing this special event. I wish I could disappear for the next month, because I am finding it hard to celebrate senior year with my friends when my difficult child is not graduating. I am happy that my difficult child is clean of drugs now, but I am still sad much of the time.
    I hope all warrior moms will have a peaceful day tomorrow. HUGS..
  5. DDD

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    PV many of us understand the pain of graduation activities. No need to expand on the subject but we do get it and feel it....even after years have passed. Hugs. DDD
  6. Nancy

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    PV this is a difficult time of year so I understand. I watch the neighbor kids going to prom and read about the seniors graduating and follow the track team in the paper and it all makes me so sad. There are so many sad/bad memories I have about this time of year that I have to keep busy to distract myself. Keep telling yourself it's just another day and tomorrow it will be over.

  7. DDD

    DDD Well-Known Member

    Thanks AG. I am lucky the last year or so but I totally "get it". My hope is that it will pass for all of our family soon.
    Hugs. DDD
  8. Kathy813

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    I understand, too. Every time I hear about difficult child's contemporaries graduating from college, getting advanced degrees, getting married, or starting great careers I can't help but compare them to my difficult child. She is so smart and has so much potential but mental illness and addiction has robbed her of so much.


  9. exhausted

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    Thank you AG. Even though mine is here, it has been a long time since we have had a normal holiday-she has either been in Residential Treatment Center (RTC) or runs off. She works part of tomorrow-I am wordering how she will be the rest of the day? I know husband and easy child will make it a good day, but part of me wants her to step up and add something. I hope we all get to the point where there is no hole in our hearts for these days!
  10. toughlovin

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    I found my difficult children senior year so hard... so many feelings of sadness and regret hearing about what his classmates were doing and he was just a mess.... tonight was the jr/sr prom and my daughter had a great time going with a group of friends, all getting ready before hand in such a healthy normal way... and they had a blast. Next year she will be a senior and I am sure I will have moments, like I did today, when I think about what difficult child missed but 99% of the time I am enjoying watching her go through it all so well.

    And tomorrow I don't expect difficult child to call but will be pleasantly surprised if he does... however it is my easy child and my day together as it is also her birthday.... so we have plans and will have a good day.

  11. ThreeShadows

    ThreeShadows Quid me anxia?

    I love all you ladies. My kids have done better over the years. They are going on 26y.o. Things do improve as they mature. I am now able to miss their presence and their quirky personalities. I hope that you will all soon be able to feel this way too. God keep all of our children safe!
  12. vligrl

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    Right back at you AG. I expect absolutely nothing today and am not waiting around for it, so my husband and myself will just go off somewhere together and I will celebrate with the person that made me a Mom instead of the child that I had. Keep your chin's up...honor yourself and who you are, not what our children have taken from us.
  13. buddy

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    Happy Sunday to you too, and thanks for the sweet thoughts. I feel the same here, just a privilege to know you all.
  14. notsureeither

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    Happy Mother's Day to all of you from another mother! I am beginning to come to terms with what I hope for my kids versus what they are going to do with their lives. I'm saddened with both of their behaviors. My oldest is so self centered, rude and disrespectful (atleast she embraces counseling) and my son's anger is taking him off a cliff. My own high school years were awful as alcohol rampaged my family of origin. I lost a younger sibling to cirrhosis after 20+ years of drinking and watching him die such an awful death changed me forever. I'm saddened that my son is not taking advantage of the good things in life and is will not stop high risk behavior. It's like I dread living with my "sibling" again.
  15. FlowerGarden

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    Thank you AG and a happy Sunday to you, too.
  16. Signorina

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    Happy Mother's Day to my dear cd sisters...wishing us all a bit of peace today. XXOO
  17. Elsieshaye

    Elsieshaye Member

    I like that: "Happy Sunday." Sending all of us healing vibes. This is rough.