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    Tomorrow am I go to VA to see if I qualify for their work program- which has a waiting list about 6-8 mos long. Then I see a therapist there. Who knows how that will go. And tomorrow, difficult child has his meeting (no parent involvement) at Department of Juvenile Justice and they announce where he'll go and his length of stay in Department of Juvenile Justice. I am selling stuff as quickly as I can- bigger stuff and furniture now.

    But here's what is sticking out mostly in my mind tonight because it keeps coming back to haunt me. When difficult child was in detention earlier this summer, his def attny requested a MH evaluation because he had been given so many MH prof's recommendations and court orders for MH treatment before. The PO went to the Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) assigned to detention and told her what he wanted her to put in it (PO told me this himself ahead of time). I had heard from more than one person that the previous probation officer had done the same thing last year and that is why the paper didn't get signed for difficult child to go to Residential Treatment Center (RTC)- ultimately leading him into Department of Juvenile Justice.

    I had to call difficult child's def attny last week for a different matter but mentioned this while on the phone with him. He told me he knew. He acted like he was disgusted with it but couldn't help it and knew of a lot of stuff like this happening in our juvenile courts. He said it didn't matter- difficult child would have been sent to Department of Juvenile Justice anyway- then he suddenly started talking about something else then got off the phone.

    I'm thinking this koi is illegal, or at least extremely immorrally wrong. It isn't whether or not difficult child had been sentenced to Department of Juvenile Justice that is so important to me- it's that first, this def attny knew this was a bogus MH evaluation on difficult child and knows it happens all the time. He probably even knew that PO told the Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) not to sign the paper for Residential Treatment Center (RTC) last year, even though a state psychiatrist that the detention center had sent difficult child to had filled it out and recommended it. I know he knows the GAL failed difficult child because it was him (the def attny) that told me she had but also told me she would cost me custody if I complained.

    I want to blow the whistle on these people- which is why I try to be careful about personal info about me, difficult child, and our location being made public on this board. But the problem is, our system in this state is set up so it's the young attny's working in juvenile courts and they are there to be "trained" by newer judges- who are assigned to juvenile courts- and the only people to complain to are the law bar, the state judicial committee (who mostly started out that way too), and our state congressional members, who are almost all attnys.

    Maybe this should have gone to General. Sorry. But before anyone replies with a "difficult child should be in Department of Juvenile Justice because he used a knife on me"- I get that. My position though is that this place is so crooked that if services had been given before he held the knife to my neck last year, that wouldn't have happened. If his GAL had advocated for Residential Treatment Center (RTC), this might not have happened. I know it's too late to save my son- but I can't sleep knowing these people- even GALs and def attnys know this koi is going on and they are letting kids get sent to Department of Juvenile Justice continuously rahter than blow the whistle. I guess I shouldn't be shocked- they are barely licensed as attnys and have no kids of their own and are about 30yo, thinking they have a career in the palms of their hands.

    If I could find an attny willing to blow their little clique though, OMG, don't think I wouldn't.