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HI, Im new here. I am not finding any support groups for parents with kids with ODD. there are some for ADD but I think I need the ODD support more. I would love something that did a parent group and a teen/kid group at the same time so we can both get the support we need. Anyone know of an organization that has these kinds of groups? In southern california preferably?


and what is difficult child?



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Hi! Excuse my typos, bad hands.

ODD usually occurs with another disorder, though it can stand alone. It is more usually diagnosed with some other disorder such as ADHD, bipolar, various personality disorders, etc...

A difficult child is a "Gift from God" or the child who brought you here!! It helpsus remember to look at the good things too.

We are pretty much a support for parents. I am not aware of groups for kids iwth ODD alone, but someone else with more knowledge will be along soon!




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This is going to be an odd recommendation, but have you tried in your area? They do have some support groups and you may get lucky and find one for ODD. If you can't find one, maybe you could create a listing and start one. I'm sure you'd have many people in the area who would find comfort in a group like this. Just be sure to meet in a public place like McDonalds and do not provide personal information until you feel comfortable.


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Hello everyone, I am new to this, so be patient with me. I have been fighting for my son for 15 years. I am so exhausted. He is ODD/ADHD, borderline CD. We are so tired of the lies, stealing, arguments, anger towards his siblings. This may be a crazy question, but are there any success stories out there. I would love to hear them.



You may not find a support group specific to kids with ODD (because as Susie mentioned, it's not a diagnosis that occurs in a vacuum), but you might want to check with your local chapters of NAMI ( and the National Federation for Children's Mental Health ( Both organizations run groups for parents of children with various mental health issues.
I am new to this website, or any for that matter and am having trouble following the links when one comes to my email. It doesn't seem to work like I thought. Oh, well.........I have a grandson, 11 yrs. old who is a very good boy at home. He does seem to have his moments when things don't go his way then he puff, pouts, balls up his fists and his face turns red before he stomps off. This is basic for home but school is a different story.........he is very good for awhile, no phone calls for dad at work, then all of a sudden he gets one telling him to come get his son because he has thrown chairs, screamed, hit another student, tried to hit an adult, tried to run away(something he hasn't done for about a year) and all of this at one time! The last time he did this was the next to the last day of school during an assembly. He stood up right in the middle of the assembly and screamed, them when the adults tried to remove him he started screaming again, kicking and trying to hit them. And this is all at a special needs school!! How bad is that when a special needs school calls you to come pick up your child for acting out??!! My son wants to send him to boot camp, but I have worked in them, they do help with the child but they don't help with the environment he goes back home to! When asked, he stated that the last incident was because he couldn't see and couldn't ge the boy in front of him to move! Then I over heard him tell his cousin he just wanted out early! He is on medications for bypolar, but I think he needs something else besides medications. If he can be controlled better at home, and as far as I know, he's been off them all summer without any difference in his demeanor! His mother hasn't been in his life since he was 2 1/2 yrs. old but he says that's not an issue! Anbody have any ideas or suggestions?