Surgery for mastectomy done; me home


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I am shocked by how good I feel. I think it helps that I had a local for the pain and no pain pills because I do so poorly on narcotics so I'm wide awake and using Tylenol along with Napraoxen. To be honest, I'm already up and around and using my arm.

I do not feel like I had surgery at all. I know I made the right decision for me. I already have a little boob where the plastic surgeon slipped something inside of me that will have to be expanded. I do have a drain and that is the only mild pain in the neck.

All in all, this was a good thing for me to do. No more worrying about breast cancer and mammos and I have contemplated this surgery for years. Only reason I didn't do it sooner is because they never used to do it unless you actually had cancer. Now they are doing many preventative mastectomies.

My pain level on a scale of 1-10 (as they asked me) is 0 right now!!! When the Tylenol wears off it may go to a 1 or 2. Anyone who has thought about is nothing to be afraid of. And I get a new set of boobs!!! LOL!


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What a relief for you to have the surgery over with, and terrific news that you're feeling so good! And congrats on the new set of boobs!:laugh:


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LOL, Orgami. Thank you so much, hon. I've wanted to have this for years because I'm afraid something would pop up in other boob. As for the new set of girls, they won't be finished for a while. I really don't care that much about them, but I don't want my chest to be uneven. The other mastectomy was eighteen yeas ago and I had to wear a prosthetic bra. Now hopefully I can toss those in the trash. Much thanks for your good wishes. I hope things are going well for you.

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I'm so happy to hear it went so well, and that you're feeling so great! All that worry is in the rear-view mirror; say bye-bye! Rest up, and feel even better soon!

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I was wondering the other day when your surgery was. I'm glad that it went well and you are home. You sound like you are doing great!!
Peace of mind is so important, I am very happy for you.
Sending you a very gentle hug!
Take care of yourself and don't overdo.


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Congrats! So glad it's over.
You do sound "up." :)
But don't overdo it. Words of wisdom--I had dental surgery Monday. Had one meeting yesterday, then home to bed. Today, unpacked 3 big cartons of dishes from Cousin P, looked up info on eBay. Now I'm dizzy. :(
Just plan to take naps for a couple of wks, okay?


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Thanks!!! Just checking in. I'd give the pain a 1 1/2 now because i've been using the arm do much, but that's not bad and I have to rest it, I guess. All in all, it was very easy!!!


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Don't overdo it MWM! You'll likely be quite sore over the next few days, and overdoing it will make the initial swelling/bruising from the surgery worse.

Follow the surgeon's instructions regarding using the arm, etc. to the letter.

I'm glad you came through OK, If I could, I'd send you a couple of kitties, one very large and one very petite to cuddle. (they are both on the %#(%9# list right now.)


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I seldom make my way out of the Parent Emeritus forum, but stumbled upon this. Bless you and know that kind healing thoughts are headed your way. xoxo