Surgery rescheduled for tomorrow


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It's been a very long week. For starters, the computer monitor went out, so we haven't been able to do anything computer related. Hubby kept telling me I needed to do our taxes so we could replace the monitor, but didn't seem to understand that I couldn't until we got a new we were finally able to borrow one from Son #2, the computer wizard, and now I have to do our taxes today.

My back's been bothering me more and more, and I gave in and went to the ER Monday night. The ER doctor called the surgeon (at 4 am); end result is that my gallbladder surgery, scheduled for March 5, will now be tomorrow afternoon at 4:30. I'm not mentally prepared for this.


(((HUGS))) and prayers coming your way! I hope all goes well with the surgery and you are able to get some rest.

Keep us posted. :)


Here we go again!
Oh great. I say skip the tax stuff and just get yourself ready for tomorrow. You'll have time to get it done later.

Hope everything goes smoothly! I'll be thinking of you...


call 911
KT -




(shhhhh Star -she's sleeping with the good dreams) ;)

Wishing you a speedy recovery


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I hope the surgery went well also. I hate it too when they flip the script. I hope your comfy in your hospital bed in peace recovering.......


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I hope it all went well and you are relaxing comfortably, maybe reading a good book.


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Thank you for your healing thoughts!

I came home Thursday evening, and my incisions are still hurting! Called the doctor last night, and he said the surgery went well, even though my gallbladder was packed full of stones and they had to break some of them to get the gallbladder out. Ouch.

Hubby seems to think that just because I'm sitting up and able to converse means that I can handle everything the way I usually do. Not. I don't remember much about the last few days, but he doesn't understand that, and it's leading to raised voices..."I DON'T REMEMBER! WHY DON'T YOU BELIEVE ME?" "Well, you remember everything, why not now?" Um, maybe because I'm in pain, and just had surgery, and even getting to the bathroom is a challenge. He's such a man.

Last night someone hit my car (parked out front) and broke off the side mirror; no other damage to my car, though. AND...I just got a call from Miss KT. She's coming home right now. Apparently my mother doesn't want her there anymore. More details once I get them.


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Welcome back, KTmom.
I'm so sorry that things are a mess. When I get surgery, I look forward to the anesthesia. Yup. It's that bad.
I'm so sorry about your car and the mirror. And your mom sending back MissKT. And your husband not being sympathetic. And ... and ...
I wish I lived closer and I'd come and rescue you. Hot pack, cold pack, no phones.


For crying out loud, when it rains it pours. :whiteflag:

First priority, take care of you. Everything else will still be there when you've mended.