Surpise!!!!!! Re-evaluation meeting for difficult child

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    Suffice to say, that I was suprised at the timing of this meeting for two reasons. One because his re-evaluation date is not until May of next year, and the other because I thought the meeting was Thursday and I discovered monday night that it was noon on tuesday :smile:!

    I had to work yesterday until the meeting so I spent the time after the kids went to bed monday night to gather my thoughts and information.

    I typed up my parent input notes and headed to the meeting. To start the meeting off they read reports from difficult child's four core teachers. Peer relations were fair, work is completed, homework is completed, attitude is good, but there have been some behavior issues in two classes that have been handled between difficult child and his 1:1. He is compliant with his teachers on a regular basis (a couple issues with frusutration) and works well independently. His English teacher said his reading level is great and loves to read in class (knock me over with a feather) but there are times when he is disruptive. His math teacher said that while he is getting a B, he does not test well. His history teacher said she has discovered who he does not work well with and will not include those children in his group when they do group projects in class (she was present) and that he is getting an A. Nothing really unexpected.

    Then the sw said "Based on the reports from his teachers, a review of his file, and his academic progress he is appropriately placed and no further testing or evaluations are needed at this time to ammend/change his IEP."

    At that point, I was feeling a tad relieved :whew:. Then I handed the chairman a copy of my parent input notes and requested they be included in the minutes. I then addressed a number of points: my suprise at the timing of the meeting (they wanted to allow ample time for any new testing and iep writing meetings), I asked why I had not received a progress on his IEP goals with his report card (which they immediately printed out for me-hmm), and I addressed my request for testing specifically for disorder of written expression (which I feel he meets the DSM-IV criteria for).

    The school psychiatric then referred me to his testing three years ago and the summary report (which of course I was able to put my finger on in seconds because I have difficult child's "black binder" with me). She said that basically difficult child was diagnosis'd with disorder of written expression and a spelling Learning Disability (LD). When I looked back and read it again, I saw their point. However, I did request what assistance could be given to him in this, a non-resource enviornment, to help with his disability. He is not doing a lot of writing this year, although he is doing a book report a month in english and special project dotted around in other classes. I expressed that i did not want to wait until it was presenting a real issue with note taking as well. He does not have the ability to take class notes and the majority of his teachers provide written notes and study guides to the class. But, what about next year?

    Both the sw and the psychiatric immediately said that we could do technology testing. He would qualify for spelling technology and there were a number of other options as well. The school district has a professional technology tester that can evaluate difficult child. I requested that testing.

    I then requested, which was also already in my parent input handout, that the results of any testing be provided to me 7 days prior to our next meeting for my review.

    I was advised by the compliance officer that the law provides for the results to be in the file two days prior to the next chld study. I asked that I be provided with those results at that time. I was suprised though as I was under the impression that the law allowed for 7 days. I will try and look that one up unless anyone knows offhand.

    At the end of the meeting, the sw said "It is really refreshing to have a parent come into a meeting and be so well prepared, knowledgable, and understand the impact on thier child." I thanked them for the compliment.

    Our next meeting is in February to get the results of the technology testing.

    Overall, I am very pleased with this first child study at difficult child's new middle school. While waiting for copies, I talked with both the sw and the psychiatric and was impressed with their knowledge and some personal recommendations they gave me "off the record."

    If you have read this, my latest novel, I thank you for your time :smile:!

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    Good for you for pulling it together at the last minute.

    I'm a big believer in the power of walking into an IEP meeting with a Big Black Binder. :warrior:
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    You really have had a great team surrounding difficult child from grade school and now middle school.
    I'm sure that your knowledge and ability to work with people vs. an adversarial relationship goes a long way to such a great give and take with the school staff.

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    Way to go, Warrior Mom ! :warrior:

    LDM, I agree wholeheartedly with Fran. Your knowledge and demeanor, not to mention your organization of having everything in a binder, were probably a breath a fresh air for them.

    I'm glad they are being supportive at his new school.

    Again, way to go, Mom!

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    Sounds like the meeting went well. You did a great job especially having to get things to together on such a short notice. :bravo: I am glad that the school was appreciative of you!!! :bravo:
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    Sounds like a great meeting!

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    Super! :bravo: :warrior:
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    Thanks for your vote of confidence and your nice words. It must be said that my organization and knowledge of the subject matter are all direclty related to this board. Before I go to any school meeting, I either check the spe ed archives, post a question, or talk to Sheila or Martie. Sometimes I do all of them! This board has been a place of great support and also a tremendous resource for dealing with the life of my difficult child.


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    Hi Sharon,

    Way to go!

    As far as the 2 days vs. 7 days problem... I would nix that one by signing the iep notice of meeting on the "no I can not make this time please call me to reschedule" line...... and have it rescheduled for 7 days later...

    Might work :smile:

    God Bless!
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    Sounds like a very good meeting, that you've got good people to work with and not fight against.

    I was speaking to my difficult child's old psychiatric recently trying to get some info on his last testing 3 years ago. She told me that in their system, they generally look for retesting after 2 years if concerns continue, and consider any test that is 3 years old invalid in kids as they change so much over that time.