surprise bdy for difficult child

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Jena, Feb 19, 2008.

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    good morning,

    ok well i'm happy to say that i survived my sick weekend with difficult child's and boyfriend!! i'm officially on mend and totally looking forward to starting process with columbia hospital this coming friday at my four hour parent interview prior to next week's evaluation. yea!!!!

    i will say this mood stabilizers for me may be mandatory!! i swing left and right lately bigtime and overreact badly. if i dont' calm after next week's evaluation i'm going to ask doctor to prescribe something.

    anyway we're having a little surprise birthday party for little difficult child tomorrow back where my parents and rest of my family lives (such a small family it is) she doesn't know. next week on her actual birthday she'll be in columbia with me.

    so we're picking up his 3 tomorrow and i have to get a cake today and gifts for her at some point and we'll be driving out there for few hours for cake and stuff. i think that'll really surprise her and make her happy. she hasnt really spent time with my parents or her cousin in long time and i thoght it would be the right thing to do for her. so we've all been trying to keep it a secret from her. she keeps asking what are we dong for my birthday it's coming are we diong anything at all?? LOL

    Anyway figured i'd get her fun stuff to open tomorrow then thought maybe if i can swing it i'll pick her up little gold bracelet for her little wrist that i'll give her next week when we're away at hospital. i'll do dinner with her at hotel night of her bdy and give it to her. she'll probably love being away with me for few days like that she'll have me all to herself. going to pick her up a bathing suit also they have a swimming pool at hotel. :)

    have a good day everyone
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    What fun! I hope she has a meltdown free party!
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    Hopes for a fun trip and birthday party. Soundslike you have a good plan. Can SO do the cake at his restaurant? Or some other dessert she likes? Jsut a thought.



    ps. DON'T forget to treat YOU for her birthday. YOU did all the work, and deserve a treat. (My dad started this. He gives my mom, me, even my xSIL a gift on each of our kids bdays. It is nice.)
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    wow that's such a cool idea........i want a gift, i want a gift. lol i'll have to tell SO?? ok what does that mean?? just getting hang of the abbreviation

    anyway he's actually making tray of food right now there, tray of baked ziti meatballs sausage, etc all that cool stuff. i'm doing good old stop and shop for cake! i used to go with the whole cartoon face cake thing then everyone eats the face adn she's never excited about it. lol so i figured keep it simple this year.

    i'm waiting for him to come home (it's our supposed date night) that is soo not happening tongiht so i can go to toys r us down road for a gift for her.

    get this exhd called today we naturally assumed he'd be celebrating this weekend with difficult child it's his weekend. yet he isn't. when difficult child asked why daddy? he said well daddy doesn't have money to buy you a gift right now. hello he took his wife away for weekend. sheesh is all i can say. ugh that's why marriage didn't last jerk. i said to him come on sh'es going in for evaluation. on her birthday next week you knew birthday was coming al year and he makes very good money just bought brand new car few mos. ago i drive 95 ford truck.

    so that's why we hope to make it happy for her so she forgets about wonderful dad's forgetfullness

    anyway totally liking gift thing i've never heard of that before......:)
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    I hope the b-day party is a good one!