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    Nichole's hospital stay/scare was enough to kick K into gear as far as communicating with us. Or heck, maybe it's just that the holidays are approaching........but she knows the limits on gift giving this year, so I dunno.

    Anyway in the last email she said the kids were working on making me something special for xmas. As the queen of pessimists it didn't even twig my anticipation meter. lol I've heard this song and dance with no follow thru before.

    K surpised me by sending something thru the mail. This is a big deal for her, it's only happened like twice before. husband hands me one of those picture evelopes and I open it thinking oh, this must be what the kids were working on.....

    Nope. Wasn't my xmas present. Inside was a sweet letter from Kayla for both husband and I and Nichole. Then I found a business envelope and K had written on the outside that it wasn't the xmas present and was ok to open. Inside I found a really cute picture of Kayla Alex and Evan sitting on a very authentic looking Santa's lap. :D Not one picture, but 4 big ones for easy child, Nichole, Travis, and me, and two wallet size for husband and I to carry on us.

    This sounds silly but as far as I'm concerned this was a wonderful xmas gift all by itself. All 3 kids were wearing the nice outfits I'd bought them last year. (yes, I buy clothes a little big lol) But this is the FIRST real picture I have of the 3 kids together looking decent. :D

    Since the large pics are set up like xmas cards and not suitable for framing, I'm taking the wallet size in to walmart and blowing it up to an 8X10 and framing it!

    And you know what? If that xmas gift the kids are working on doesn't find it's way here for one reason or another.......I've already got a gift I'll treasure forever.

    It's the little things. :D
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    What a great surprise! Even more special because it was a surprise. Enjoy your grandbabies' pics - it must be so awesome to have these to look at and talk to.
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    I don't think it sounds silly at all!! I think it's pretty special, too- and those photos will probably be around longer than a bought gift, Know what I mean?? It was very thoughtful and I'm glad you got them!