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    So I woke up to a text from easy child/difficult child's text from last night asking if I had called the cops on her dad again. Yep, I sure did. He was talking to difficult child on the phone and using him to try to talk to me. Inappropriate. I have not answered her yet, she is at a friends and is still asleep.

    I checked the inmate list? And he is in jail for a probation violation. Guess that is what the warrant is for.

    His mug shot? Wow. He looks horrible. Looks like he had either ben awake for days or crying. I don't want him back, life is way better with him gone, but I cannot help but feel for him. He has ruined himself and his life. It really is so sad. He is not even a shadow of the person he used to be. I have not told the kids he is back in jail yet, but at least his being in jail has nothing to do with my phone call.
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    will she be upset that you called? in any event he is in jail for his warrant anyway so you can tell her yes but they said they were looking for him because of a warrant he already had out anyway. yucky to be in the middle. so sorry for you and so impressed you did the right thing.
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    She could be upset with me, but she will get over it. I will point pout to her that he is safe and had food, shelter, can shower, and if they think he is suicidal? They will put him on suicide watch.

    I cannot live my life trying not to tick my kids off, it just does not work that way.
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    ((((HUGS)))) to you and the kids.

    I truly feel bad for them that he's abusing their emotions and warping issues via texts.