surprise visit from difficult child left a bad taste in my mouth.

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    husband called his Aunt on Saturday to see how she was doing. difficult child-Steph was over there visiting. husband tells Steph to come on by. He didn't tell me about the call or the invite. We now have an understanding that he's to tell me even if he's sure she won't stop by so that I can be ready to leave if/when she gets there!

    Anyways, the last time Steph was over was Dec 27th of last year to collect her christmas gifts. You'd think it would be great to see her again. hahaha.....

    The first thing she does is walk in with this haughty attitude making rude comments about our dogs. Dogs she grew up with! Then she has to tell us about the killer new stereo that she got for her birthday. Then about the killer party that the in-laws gave her with her Aunt M (the sister-in-law that stopped talking to me the day Steph ran away - the same sister in law that "forgot" about easy child's b-day but had a party for Steph).

    So, I started unloading the dishes and cleaning the kitchen so that I didn't have to be a participant. But, unfortunately, I could still hear! The next subject of conversation was all about how her Bio-mom now has to pay $25 a month in child support and how ANYONE who has to pay child support is getting what they deserve. And then she smiles at husband.... guess that was her way of saying that we deserve the grand a month. Whatever. I went and hid in the bathroom until she left (about 3 minutes later).

    Yeah, she came over and dumped her garbage on us and then left.

    But, the next day we celebrated both difficult child b-days at my parents. Steph sat talking to her friend most of the time. She just stayed long enough to get the gifts from my folks and left. difficult child-Ant stayed to visit with my parents. He's trying and for a difficult child, he's doing well. He helps my folks out when he can. He had borrowed $100 from my dad last week for a part for his car. Whenever he got a card with cash in it, he gave it to my Dad to pay him back.
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    Wow, what crud. Just remember karma is often cruel. lol

    Glad that difficult child A is trying so hard to do better, sounds like he's getting it. Good for him! I hope it sticks.

    As for can hope karma doesn't take too long. ;)

  3. I was having this "I just want them to understand..." conversation recently... regarding our difficult child's dysfunctional enablers.

    "I don't want bad things to happen to any of them... I just want them to wake up and understand!"
    "I don't want ANYONE to experience anywhere near the sorrows we have... but I do want them to understand!"
    "If reaping what they've sown is the only way they will learn... although it is absolutely not my preference... but; if that is what it will take so be it."
    "I really DO just want them to understand!"

    I'm so glad the choice is not mine to make!

    Meanwhile I pray "Father forgive them, they know not what they do!"