Survived our first court date...

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by Mom2oddson, Jan 26, 2010.

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    Guess when difficult child-A was arrested on Dec 17th, his court date for the MIP (Minor in possesion/consumption of alcohol) was somewhere on the ticket. When the assault charges were dropped he thought everything was dropped. Even though we told him that wasn't the case, he did nothing about it until the bench warrant paperwork showed up in the mail this weekend.

    difficult child-A found out what he needed to do and asked if I would come with him. So, I sat in the court room (ironically, working on a baby blanket for a police officers first child). difficult child-A got the warrant squashed with a $100 fine attached to that, with 60 days to pay that off. He has a new court date for the MIP on Monday. Got told the charge carries a $5000 fine, one year in jail and court costs. He is Freaking out!! He swears he will be the only one to actually have to serve a full year in jail. At Mondays court time, he can request a court appointed attorney. Can't do that before than.

    Again, he wants me to come and be there. I guess I'm his moral support. Not bad considering I'm the evil step-mom from heck. When the stuff hits the fan, he wants me.

    Oh, and get this.... he said that all this trouble is making him afraid to do anything or go anywhere because he doesn't want to get into any more trouble.
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    Glad he is scared maybe it is a lesson well learned. -RM
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    Hope it all works out. Sometimes it takes getting into that courtroom and hearing those very real charges and consequences that make it real to them.
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    Fingers crossed that he gets a good public defender who can make sure that the right sentencing takes place. by the way in our community you would never have been allowed to bring in knitting needles. I'm sure have you there helped him alot. Courtrooms are scarey places! Good luck. DDD
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    Nothing like the school of hard knocks, huh? I wish it had scared M when it was his time. I hope that your difficult child will get all of his appearances etc. in under age 18 so he can have the records expunged or sealed.
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    It's sad to say -----but real court is about the ONLY thing that has Dude's attention. If he steps out of line it's six years in adult prison.

    I'm glad this is getting through to your son.

    Love the baby blanket irony.