Survivor Contestant Makes Fun of Sp Ed Students??

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Apr 26, 2012.

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    There is a big deal going on about how one of the survivor cast members made fun of sp ed students - and she is a sp ed teacher.

    I don't watch the show - never have and never will because in my opinion it is exactly how people should NOT behave in real life or in that situation or anywhere else. Lying, cheating and backstabbing to win a bunch of money is incredibly distasteful to me. But a headline about this caught my eye and I was curious enough to read this blog posting:

    It does include the exact time of the statement on the episode in the article.

    My question is this: Would you want her around YOUR child, sp ed or not? Personally any teacher who went on survivor would have other priorities, in my opinion, than teaching and since I find the show so distasteful I would have looked for an alternative teacher already. I just think we need to work on encouraging people to be better to each other, not worse and that sure as sugar is NOT the point of the show. But I wondered what the rest of you thought about this.
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    I hate to say it, but this was typical when Travis was in school.

    The teacher I got fired? A Special Education teacher. Teachers Travis and I had the most issues with? Special Education teachers. They were the absolute worst! I've seen good ones, don't get me wrong. Alex's last year should be awarded in my opinion for going above and beyond and then some for her kids while teaching a mainstream class on top of it all. But so far, she's the only one I met without a surly jaded attitude that is often far worse than the public's general view of Special Education students.

    I don't understand it, if you feel that way, why are you working with Special Education kids in the first place?
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    I agree with you. I have no clue why some people get into that when they clearly don't like their students. I do know that some use it to show people who don't have students who have to tolerate them how 'great' they are, how much better they are than regular people. Mostly that type drives me nuts and makes me wnat to ruin their lives. I've done it a time or two when they went after my kids. I just am so thankful we had the sp ed teacher we had the year Wiz was in the sp ed class. She made a huge difference and still is one of my favorite people. I actually thought about moving to her town, 45min away, so that he could have her in high school. But the community had too many drawbacks, and she was about the one good thing there.

    Some of me thinks parents should start a database onlne of teachers who bully and/or abuse kids so that we can warn each other. But sadly we would probably get sued. I just cannot understand why anyone would become a teacher when they don't like kids, but there are a substantial number of teachers like that. I used to get real joy out of watching my daddy mess them us in various ways. never physically, of course, but mostly tripping them on their own 2 feet or with their own words. It was just absolute fun. He doesn't have patience for it either, and as a teacher with a creative streak, he could be something awful to them if they provoked him by being mean to a kid.
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    I wonder how many of them start out on the right foot, good intentions and all... and then, they discover that the "system" doesn't really provide for these kids and as a teacher they can't get what they need to help these kids... and they become jaded?
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    I admit it, I watch it every week, missed that part tho, but she is a nasty person...she is a typical bully...and I hope she gets kicked off and soon...
  6. Star*

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    I don't know what kind of mentality you have to possess to make fun of someone who is special, loving, sweet, kind, loving, giving, and intelligent in their own way to make yourself feel better - but if that's what you have to do to put both feet on the floor, and motivate yourself forward while you make yourself feel superior? I'm sure our kids would have no put downs or retorts - just love. When you betray love? You really don't have much going for you in your life anyway. Again - I just feel sorry for people like this. Shame on them doesn't even begin to cover it - does it?
  7. AnnieO

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    IC, I can see them being jaded... But making fun of the very students they were trying to help? They know it isn't the students' fault. And after Wednesday's IEP... Yeah. But still.
  8. keista

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    I caught the comments, and although I thought it was in poor taste, I didn't take it as her bashing her students. Hideously, horribly putting down Christina, but not bashing her students.

    Here's the quote, "Christina's IQ is probably a zero … I don't know if that even exists. I mean, I'm a Special Education teacher, so uh, I handle Christina as one of my students. And she's gonna do whatever we tell her to do."

    I don't like Alicia, never did. But I don't see how that's bashing her students.
  9. Lothlorien

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    I watched it last night on DVR and I, she's pretty dumb for saying that on tv. I thought, from the very beginning, she was a nasty person and very on earth could she be a spec. ed teacher? I certainly wouldn't want her teaching my children.
  10. buddy

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    I dont watch the show so maybe it is that people are putting all of it together, I didn't take it as bashing her students either. One person said she broke the law by talking about them, ummm no, you can't give out any specific information about individual students. I took the second part (and she is going to do what I tell her to do or whatever) as separate from the other but I didn'twatch it. Some interpreted it as her students do whatever she tells them .... well that IS kind of what teachers do, I wouldn't say it that way...but???? I get it she seems like a bully and jerk, but in these shows dont people sometimes try on a different persona just to play the game? I guess I would never choose her as a friend but I have known some teachers who said way jerkier things about kids and families and yet when I saw them teach they did well....I am kind of torn on this one.