Susie How is Captain Morgan?


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Thanks for asking. We are seeing improvements in his health, but he is still sleeping a lot. Of course, it has always been his favorite task, lol.

Jess and husband have been doing the feedings. He has to have food squirted down his throat every few hours unless he is eating that often. The picky picky boy does not like soft cat food or any people food except for the liquid from tuna or gravy or sauce type things. He truly seems to hate the expensive cat food in cans from the vet, but we are persevering with squirting it down his throat.

Today he did make some progress - his first poop since he came home. It is a really good sign that his system is starting to recover. Plus Jess opened a can of cat food (after explaining his options since I got some reg canned food to see if he would eat that on his own) and he seemed to like one can so she opened it. She barely got the lid off before he shoved his face into it to eat a bit of it.

The antibiotic the vet gave us made him super sick to his stomach, so we had to stop it (vet knows). It was more a precaution and she said that it was more important to get him to eat than to give him antibiotics. She got lab results back after she gave us the medications and the infection is at a really low level so if he is eating and drinking he will fight it off with-o medications most likely. It has taken until today to get him eating and drinking on his own again after the medications made him feel sick again.

But he is better, and we hope in a week or so he will be back to his old self. Heck, I would even make lasagna for him if he gets better fast! It is the only 'people' food he likes other than the juice from tuna. I swear he is Garfield!


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Maybe I'm blind, but I just saw this. So glad your furbaby is home safe and getting such good care. Keep updating us...especially when he is back to being the Captain Morgan you knew before he ran off. I didn't think he'd come back or be found after so long (I'm such a pessimist) and am so happy he is back with his family!