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    Finally drug DF into WM today for an eye exam. (there is no avatar here for dragging anyone into walmart) but it looked something like :twister2::imok::whoopdedoo::consoling:. So we go out into the selection area and attempt to select frames. I even tried to one up him the other day by "lets just stop in and see what new glasses they have for men." and picked out what was 'stylish', 'modern', 'upgraded' from the 1972 aviator style he constantly picks and is drawn to - even though he has NO Trans-AM or Firebird.

    Oh dear me - please tell him they look BAD and no one and I mean NO ONE in there - short of having your head ripped off with a look dare say - "Oh those aren't so bad." - THINK that little terrorist-puppet-guy in the Jeff Dunham comedy show - where he says "I KEEEEEEL YOU." and you'll have my exact thoughts.

    So we find a pair that are not too small after trying on nearly every pair and he finally find these one frames on sale - I tell the girl with a wink - THEY ARE THE SAME PRICE = I mean with dialated eyes he cant' see them and I'm so sick of trying on glasses. They were wide enough for a mans face - matter of fact - extra wide. Good - no temple bulge. He likes them, they're bronze, they look nice. So he says "How much?" She says "Same price." GOOD GIRL.

    Then like some possessed idiot she says "These are called FAT HEADS." and he says "WHAT?" and if I could have beaned her in the head with a bottle of glass cleaner I would have but none was near. She said it again chuckling "Fatheads, see?" leans over and tries to show him the sticker he can't possibly see, and he said "Well that's just great." and then she said "They're for men with fatter heads." He looked at her and said "I got it the first time." then looked at me and said " Well darlin' I think we'll come back later."

    O.M.W.........errrrrrrrrrrd. I was so angry. He walked out amazed.....and the only ONLY reason I walked over and put the glasses in her hand instead of leaving them on the table was to say "THE ONLY FATHEAD IN HERE? Is you." To which her manager tried to talk to me - and I said - walking out "Ask your optitian she seems to come up with a lot of cute answers."

    I didn't say anything going to the car other than I think Susie* said something about ordering glasses on line once for $6.00 or there was a post for cheap glasses once. And then I added that this wasn't the only WM in town and if he felt up to it tomorrow we'd go somewhere else - because he needs progressive bifocals, and transition lenses. I'm not sure who does that - but I must be mellowing in my old age - because a few years ago? I would have added - to my Fathead comment - that she could be walking around with a FAT lip. ugh....

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    Auuuuuuuuuuuuuuuwwwwkmed the Aaaaaaa-rab! LMAO!
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    OMG another auuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuwwwwwwwwwkmed admirer! I have his picture in my phone.....I keeeeeeeeeeel u. love it.
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    I still love Jose Jalapeno, too.
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    on a steeeeeeeeeeeeeeek.
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    Big Peanut fan here! I can't even look at that silly thing without laughing! I haven't even figured out what he's supposed to be yet! You know, there tons of Jeff Dunham stuff on YouTube!
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    Uh Star.......... I don't know about the walmart you went to but the optician at ours has insisted for 3 yrs straight my eyesight hasn't changed a bit.........except well gee doctor I can't see a darn thing. And since I think I'd know if I can see or not, I won't be going back. I mean c'mon, I have to use mother in law's huge magnifying glass for print on anything other than a book for Pete's sake.........that writing on boxes or the directions on medication bottles........hahahaha yeah not happening, not without that magnifying glass.

    Oh, and they've yet to get the script right in the glasses. Contacts come back fantastic......I see wonderfully. Glasses, uh no, not even close. (which is probably much of the problem)

    So I'll be waiting for insurance and go see our real optician, doctor dude who has been at it for 30 yrs and does not hesitate to refer you to a MD doctor if he has the slightest inkling you may have the need.

    Call up the local Lion's Club. They'll happily pay for DF's glasses, a real pair that looks decent and won't break 5 mins out the door or the lense pops out the first time you wash them. It's what they do.

    Thankfully.............Kayla got her exam and glasses at the reg doctor's and not walmart. Only smart thing katie ever did...........but since Kayla's friend's mom is the optician, I think that had something to do with it. :rofl:
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    Oh and tell DF.................. both Travis and husband would kill for some fat head glasses. Their side pieces cut into their heads, now they have permanent grooves. lol
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    Never fear - I have info. First you need to read a blog at . They have a ton of helpful info including special deals for those who read the website. periodically has an awesome deal with that you get with the code "dealwoot" or "wootdeal". It is what I used to get thank you's latest glasses, which he absolutely loves. They offer the real transitions lenses, etc... while other sites sometimes don't have the brand. the generic lenses are NOT going to get as dark as the transitions - I was very unhappy with the ones I got that were photochromic but not the brand. They didn't get dark enough to help in the sun but did get dark enough that it was not safe to drive with sunglasses over them. Really made me irritated and grumpy, lol. Go ahead and try the wootdeal codes just in case they work. It is always one of those codes for the deal from woot - same codes have worked on and off for several years now.

    I have had good results from zenni optical ( but some people have had problems so the blog doesn't mention them much anymore. They do name several other sites.

    For selection, seems to have the most. I love the progressive (no line) bifocals that I got from them. thank you loves his glasses and they have so far stayed together FAR longer than the ones we got from a place similar to pearle or lenscrafters.

    You will need to know how wide the frame should be from temple to temple (in millimeters), and how tall each lens should be. You can input those measurements into the search function on most sites. If you cannot search by frame width, it will at least be posted for each style. You will also get the width of the lens and of the bridge (multiply width of a lens times 2 then add thebridge width to get total frame width) (bridge is part that goes over your nose). That way you can be sure that you get the right size frame. You will also get a measurement around 130-140 mm for the earpieces - those are pretty standard lengths).

    One of the most important measurements you will need is the PD, or pupillary distance. It is the distance in mm from the center of one pupil to the center of another. Glasses places have a machine that measures this - looks like one of those kiddie viewfinder dealies that you put the wheels with the color slides on if you remember those. You don't need the machine gizmo to give the measurement. Get a ruler or tape measure with mm and you can do it yourself. The blog I mentioned has great directions and some of the glasses sites also have directions.

    Not all frames will have spring hinges but if they do have them it will be listed in the description. You can also get teh flexible metal frames at reallly good prices at the online sites. I LOVE the semi rimless and rimless glasses because my eyes are so bad. I have found that lenses stay in place better with the semirimless than with any other kind. They use something like fishing line to hold the lenses into the frame and tehy do NOT pop out nearly as easily.

    Most of the online places will let you upload a photo so that you can see what the frames will look like on you, or you can choose a male or female model with a similar face shape to you and see how they look on her. Adding bifocals and transitions and a higher power lens will increase the cost from the basic pair at eight bucks or so, but they will still likely be far cheaper than the in real life stores.

    Once you get the glasses, you can tinker with them if they need to be adjusted for your face or many places will adjust htem for free or for about $5. I am on my fourth pair of online eyeglasses and each pair has greatly exceeded my expectations in every aspect (not including thank you's glasses). He is on his first pair of online glasses and his third pair of glasses total - and these are doing TONS better than the ones we paid a LOT mroe for (over $175 for 2 pair of very very basic lenses that were just a small step up from clear glass in the frames!). There are all kinds of options online, and most places send a cleaning cloth for free with them.

    Online places also sell clip on sunglasses for four or five dollars and you can order as many as you want when you order the glasses. Some sites even have frames that come with sunglasses that fasten on with magnets - which will be something I think about the next time I order glasses.

    Be SURE to measure his current glasses so that you will know how wide you need to go for the new ones. It is simple and fairly easy to order online - you enter your prescription or you can fax it to them. If the rx is "out of date" but still works for you there is no demand to go get a new rx.

    I hope this helps. the blog has some real common sense info. I would look at frames on several sites and price out whatever you want so that you can make the best decision for your budget. Just be sure to take notes because it is easy to get the frames confused.
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    Susie...can you go to the store you got your glasses from and get all the details from them to order the glasses?

    I just got new glasses less than a year ago and then when I went to my Dads funeral I lost my glasses. I have been making do with a really old pair that is almost 4 years old. I cant go get another pair for another year or so, so I need to order a pair online. I can get all the info from the place that made my last pair though.
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    ALL that you need to have is the prescription - they can even tell you the numbers over the phone if they know you well. They have NO right to not give you the info (sometimes they try to tell you that you cannot have the rx but it is just a way to make you order from them.

    I got an email just today about a sale at that is really great.

    "Glasses399" will get any frame worth $4.99 AND coated lenses for just $3.99. If you choose a more expensive frame it will take an amt off the total to equal the difference in the frame price.

    "Progressive" gets any $4.99 frame with progressive lenses (no lines) with antireflective coating (AR) for $44.99 or photochromic progressives (no lines, changes with the light) for $94.99.

    "Designer" gets $50 of any designer frames.

    I have had excellent service from this company. They don't care if the rx has expired as long as it works for you.

    Be SURE to ask the glasses place for your pupillary distance or follow the directions on the blog to measure it at home. The place that made your glasses MUST have this measurement or they could not have made your old glasses.

    This email came an hour ago and is a 72 hour sale.

    They DO have frames that come with sunglasses that attach via magnets instead of a clip. They run around $9.99 and up - this link will take you to a list of them -

    Enjoy! I found the list of the magnetic frames by asking on their online chat function.
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    Thanks Susie... I am picking up a copy of my Rx this afternoon as I did not get it before... Do they do contacts too by any chance? Mine are a high Rx so they're super expensive... Even through 1-800-contacts.
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    I don't think they do contacts, but read the Glassy Eyes blog anyway. I think it has some info on cheap contact places. Otherwise search the internet for codes and other places. I have a high power and bad astigmatism, so I know how outrageous the cost is when it literally costs pennies to make each lens.

    This site will let you compare deals on contacts on various sites:

    Be sure to also google for them. You can also check at costco or sams or walmart for good deals. I had to stop wearing them because the autoimmune koi makes my eyes too dry to tolerate them for long.

    WOW! I was looking at something and came across an article online telling you how to make your own contact lens solution. NO WAY!! Yes, the solution is expensive. So is being blind. I don't mind saving money on much of anything, but this is dangerous, in my opinion. I cannot help remembering when they used to sell tablets that you dissoved in distilled water to use for rinsing and storing your lenses. I have a cousin who did this and ended up with serious damage to his eyes that took years to improve - and even then he was left with scar tissue in his eyes. Contact solutions need to be as sterile as possible and mixing buffered salt and peroxide is penny wise and pound foolish.

    The article says to use the packets of buffered salt that are sold for flushing your sinus cavities and mix them with peroxide. All that is in the packets is salt and baking soda. I It just seems way too risky to put something like that in your eye via your contacts. (yes, even I do not make everything from scratch, lol!)
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    OMG - WHY would ANYONE make their own solution?! Yes, it's expensive, but I'd think being totally blind would be worse!!!
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    If you have to actually get an eye exam and have an Americas Best near you (google again) they have a really great deal. Eye exam and two pair of glasses for $69. Contacts are 12 a box. I am gonna get Tony to take a trip to Myrtle Beach to go there and get an exam, glasses and contacts because he has never had an exam and I know he needs contacts to work because he would never keep glasses from getting scratched to death in just a few days. Construction work and glasses just dont seem to go together in my mind. Plus I think he is gonna need bifocals.
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    Janet, that $12 per box of contacts is not likely to have the higher powered, toric, or bifocal lenses included. They can cost a whole lot more even at the cheapest places. Some people who want to wear contacts and need bifocals go with monovision - one eye gets a close up lens and the other gets a distance lens. I have no clue how you learn to cope with that, but I have a relative who wore them that way for decades and my husband did it for close to a year. husband just hates all the bother with contacts, lol, so he went back to glasses.

    the other thing that makes those glasses fit the price are the frames. Selection is generally not good, or not as good as the online stores.

    But for the exam included it isn't a bad deal, esp if they have 1 hour or 1 day service.
  17. Here's a web site suggested by Clark Howard - who is a local consumer journalist :

    He has been recommending them for years, and reportedly wears the glasses himself. I noticed Susie said that it is not so highly recommended any more - so I'm not sure about it.

    Here's his web site:

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    The biggest problems with Zenni seem to be slow turnaround and having a tough time getting an answer to any questions. I have used them in the past with decent results until the last 2 times I contacted them. The first of these was when a pair of glasses needed a new screw and NO ONE at four glasses places could find on that would work. Five MONTHS after I contacted the company I got a package with a glasses case and inside were three small screws in a little bag. I contacted them repeatedly in a week's time. The second time that I had an issue it took them 34 days to get my glasses after I ordered them.

    The guy who runs the blog Glassy Eyes only stopped recommending them because they are so terribly hard to contact and they take so long to respond or send your glasses. They also can be a bit more expensive. I usually look at two or three sites and price what I want, including shipping, before I make my decision.

    Goggles4U not only had better prices and faster services, they also run some really good deals. They have an online chat gizmo that is super helpful and respond to emails in 1-2 days.

    I may still order from zenni in the future if they have something I like at a good price. They do not often have discounts or deals very often that I have ever found.

    The Glassy Eyes blog has discounts to several companies plus the guy who runs it is well known by the companies and he will help iron out problems if you need him to. Zenni is the only place that has given him any difficulties with helping people. He steered a lot of business to them for several years and then they just stopped responding to him at all (he seems like ar eally nice guy and he sends a TON of people to these places, so working with him would be good for their business.)

    I will say that you should NOT order from Zenni if you are in a hurry. My last glasses took far longer than the 10 days that it took to get thank you's from Goggles4U.
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