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    How is Jess's knee?

    Jana is on her way out now. She said the spiderbite is healing. I'm trying to set up an appointment. with her ortho in two weeks. Hopefully he'll work her in since he did her previous surgery. She said the knee is swollen 5X it's size. I hate to see another surgery. Last time she was non-weight bearing for 12 weeks and then had pt for 6 months to regain strength.
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    Thank you so much for asking. Sorry I didn't reply earlier, have been working on some stuff.

    Jess's knee is doing very well. She is going back to school tomorrow and is going to stay the entire day. Her knee will be wrapped with an ace bandage for support, and she does have medications at school IF she needs them. She can put her weight on in (esp if we are not looking, eyeroll)

    She is doing well with-o crutches, and has had the most help from something I remembered from a knee injury of my own. The doctor I saw understood that I really couldn't take time off to go do PT. So he had me doing leg lifts at my desk. he also had me take PAPER bathroom cups (3 or 5 oz, didn't matter which) and freeze water in them. Then you tear the paper away so just a bit of the ice is showing (like dialing up your deodorant - you don't want to get rid of the dispenser, just have some deo exposed). Take the ice and massage the area where it hurts, concentrating on the sorest part. This helps the swelling MORE than just putting a cold pack over the entire knee, though I don't know why.

    I am so sorry they have had Jana, Warrior Princess on her knees pulling weeds, etc.... in my opinion that is just cruel. I am also VERY glad teh spiderbite is healing. Those scare me.

    Give jana a big hug for me when you see her. She is a REAL soldier, even if the armed forces were not the right forum for her. Can you just IMAGINE the things she will accomplish when she has her own kids? Esp with YOU as a role model!

    Anyway, thanks again for asking!
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    Susie I am much relieved that Jess's knee is doing better. And I love that trick with the ice. I'm gonna keep that in mind. Awesome. I hope she does ok in school tomorrow. Any news on the driver yet?? (still gets me fuming!)

    EW That spider bite made me nervous too, especially since Jana couldn't take her medications properly. I'm sorry for her that her dream didn't become a reality for her, but as Susie said........She's a true soldier at heart. She should be as proud of herself as you and her board aunties are, cuz she gave them 120 percent. And they're losing one hellova soldier.

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    We have NO news on the driver. We truly expect NO news. This will be another thing that someone gets away with. The Sheriff really tried to make us feel better by telling us that the driver problem thought they hit a mailbox or a dog and just left. NOT at ALL sure how that was supposed to make me or Jess feel better, but he tried. He is a "good ole boy", Know what I mean??? We have connections to lots of the deputies, oddly enough.

    The Deputy Sheriff that came to talk to Wiz, and then to take him away actually used to own a gym. husband and I worked out there, and this big, burly, tough guy would watch the nursery. Wiz adored him way back then. And this deputy even did diapers!!!! Kind of strange to think that a man who changed Wiz' diaper later took him to the youth shelter. Just odd in my mind.

    My dad is also friends with a lot of the Deputies and the Sheriff. he hangs out with htem at the shop where the cars are repaired. he does little things they would have to sendout (like sharpening drill bits) and they share the coffee with him. No wonder he has more hair on his chest lately. Hmmmmmmm.....

    Anyway, IF by some miracle we find the driver but cannot find enough proof to take to court, I truly think some "good ole boy justice" will happen. Just a feeling. I know they have not forgotten, but they jsut have almost nothing to go on.

    Thanks again for your concern. And the ice trick works with other joints too.
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    I'm sorry they haven't been able to catch a good enough lead. That really stinks major. I'm game for "good ole boy" justice. Yep, have no problem with it in certain situations. ;)

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    Wow, I missed that she was still hurting somehow - I'm really sorry to hear this! It's awful that this driver didn't take responsibility, and that no one saw or heard anything. "Just a mailbox or a dog"? Ugh!

    That's a good tip on the ice in the cup. I had never heard of this one before!